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For more than 120 years the name Thomson has been associated with cutting edge technology, design, and entertainment. Though recently renamed Technicolor SA, the consumer products offered by this proven company remain under the Thomson name, and continue to include a very long list of consumer goods.

  • Audio and video - TVs, A/V appliances, digital TV receptors, A/V accessories
  • Multimedia - Digital photography devices, mobile/fixed telephony, computing
  • Household appliances - Large and small appliances, beauty care solutions, healthcare devices
  • Household - Security, lighting, automation, air treatment, renewable energy

Before they became such a diverse firm, however, they had a very interesting history.

The History of Thomson

According to the firm's website, they are a major player in consumer electronics and have a lot of "know how" thanks to their 100+ years in the industry. Self-described as emphasizing elegant design and high end standard features, the products from Thomson are meant to ergonomic and at the forefront of innovation. Such terms don't seem applicable to electronics created at the very beginning of the electronic age, but that is actually true.

The company began in Manchester, England in the 1850s, when Elihu Thomson was born. He moved to Philadelphia, PA at an early age and was one of the first to found an electric company. They quickly merged with the dominant force of the Edison General Electric Company in the late 1800s and then a French "sister" company merged with them to create what would eventually establish the Thomson Group.

Over the years, the firm would consistently enhance its reputation as an innovator. It was the first to broadcast a radio program, to acquire the first patent for radar technology, and responsible for broadcasting the coronation of Queen Elizabeth on Eurovision. The company did the first colour TV coverage of an Olympics event and played a key role in the HDTV standards for European homes. They have also moved decoding for digital broadcasting ahead thanks to their audio and video compression technology.

The Product Line

With so many advances in the past decades alone, it is impressive that Thomson has remained so ahead of the game. Today they offer some of the very finest solutions to consumers, including such advanced options in:

  • TVs - Smart Televisions, 3D TVs, LED and LCD models
  • Audio/Video - DVD players, Hi-Fi systems, home theatres, clock radios, sound bars and Bluetooth speakers
  • Digital TV reception - Digital satellite and terrestrial receivers
  • A/V Accessories - Microphones, headphones, universal remotes, cables, indoor antennas, and more
  • Computers - Tablets (and accessories), hard drives, USB drives, Netbooks, and more
  • Telephony - Mobile and fixed solutions that include smartphones, cell phones, senior cell phones, DECT phones for residential use, answering machine integrated phones, and corded phones
  • Cameras - Digital cameras, camcorders, lenses, and camera accessories
  • Large appliances - Hobs, built in ovens, washing machines, dishwashers, freezers, and refrigerators
  • Small appliances - Mixers, coffeemakers, toasters, vacuums, steamers, and cooking appliances
  • Healthcare - Smart blood pressure monitors, automatic blood pressure monitors, body thermometers, and glucose monitors
  • Beauty care - Electric shavers, hair dryers, hair straighteners, curling irons, epilators, and clippers
  • Security - Thomson box, video security, and alarms
  • Home automation
  • Lighting - Lamps, LED lights and spotlights, LED tubs, professional lighting and lighting cardans
  • Renewable energy - PV panels, heat pumps and inverters
  • Air treatment - Radiators, ceramic heaters, towel warmers, ventilation fans, dehumidifiers and air conditioners

Though this might seem like an exhaustive list, the firm is still innovating. In 2014 it released news about its Geni Mix blender that is the first "heating" blender to enter the home market, and the company consistently appears in electronics fairs all over the world. They have also taken a leap back into vintage inspired design too, with the late 2013 release of their Classy phone, a wireless and yet authentically retro model meant to serve interior design as well as function.

Long a friend to consumers, the brand name Thomson is still creating a diversity of solutions and products meant to enrich, simplify and streamline lives. When considering the purchase of any consumer electronic, don't forget to consider the Thomson brand.

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