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Verdict: The TASCAM DR-05 is one of the most popular portable audio recorders on the market and the best digital voice recorder for business professionals. It's exceptionally easy to use and records excellent high-end audio at a fraction of the cost of other digital recorders.
4 years ago

Tascam DR-05 Handheld Portable Digital Recorder Review

Verdict: Often times a good video can become a bad one because of bad sound, but you can solve a lot of those sound problems with a good digital recorder. The Tascam DR-05 is easy to take along for those impromptu web videos or when you are doing a review or interview and the sound quality of recordings does...
Pros: Recording Made Simple, Goes Where You Do, Variety of Features, Superb Sound, Value For Your Buck
Cons: Trial By Error
5 years ago

TASCAM DR-05 Digital Recorder

Verdict: The DR-05 is a versatile digital recorder suitable for musicians and non-musicians alike. A full suite of recording features are at your fingertips with an easy to use interface that makes operation of the device pretty simple.
4 years ago

Great buy

Verdict: This is a really great buy. The audio quality is truly fantastic,I'm really impressed with the quality. The mic pattern makes for crystal clear stereo audio. It doesnt drain the batteries (takes 2 AA) and simple to use.
1 year ago

Better than my last Tascam...and about the same price or less

Verdict: I think this thing works well. Once you read and understand what is going on, it is very, very easy to use. I lost my old Tascam, which I think was supposed to be a model better than this, but Tascam must have gotten a better speaker input (this thing also has ability to increase or decrease...
3 years ago

I'll never buy a Tascam again!

Verdict: Very hard to set up, forgets the date and time when I change the batteries. Used it 3 times in a year now it stops recording automatically after 3 to 5 seconds! (yes I tried re-booting and changing cards)
2 years ago

Tascam DR-40

Verdict: I will say that I am happy with the quality of the built in microphones, but this thing has some serious functional design flaws. For reference, I have an old tascam analog 4 track recorder that uses cassette tapes, and I expected the DR-40 essentially operate the same way, but it so absolutely does...
7 months ago

Tascam DR-40

Verdict: I use this recorder to tape live concerts mostly in small venues. There's a large (but shrinking, it seems) hobby community of music nerds who share recordings online and via mail; think Deadheads and more sophisticated.
3 years ago

Judges' Comments

Verdict: These contraptions are amazing. We use them for the local high school band and orchestra concert festival. Judges use them to make comments as the ensembles are playing. The auto gain works great. The sound quality is wonderful. We move the files to Dropbox.
2 years ago
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