TP-Link Archer T9E Reviews

TP-Link Archer T9E
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Very easy to configure on Windows, bit of a pain on linux

Verdict: I run linux on my computer, getting the drivers for this was a bit annoying. I had to go to their website and download the drivers, then get the ck kernel for some of the headers it needed to compile it. It took my a few hours but it works great on my computer after doing that.

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1 month ago

Great WIFI card, would highly recommend!

Verdict: Easy to install and easy to use, you get the card and the 3 antennas that screw into the back. All you need to do is plug the card into the PCI-E slot, screw the card to the case and attach the antennas outside the case.

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2 months ago

My dual band AC router is about three floors down ...

Verdict: My dual band AC router is about three floors down and I'm getting about 75-80% of my rated ISP bandwidth in the room I'm typing this review on. Ping response is same as hard line. Solid buy.

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6 months ago

TP-Link was garbage then, it's garbage now

Verdict: Needed WiFi for a desktop. Simple enough and decided to give TP-Link a chance again. Installing it inside the PC and it's driver was quick and simple. It managed to reach my network's maximum speed over the 5Ghz band. HOWEVER. The 2.4Ghz band was completely un-usable.
7 months ago
Micro Center

Good price

Verdict: Good price easy to install

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10 months ago
B&H Photo

Stay Far Away

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Unreliable
Verdict: Stay far far away this card is total garbage. I got drastically better performance out of my TP-Link tl-wdn4800 and will be returning to it. They released this card with no drivers written for it tried multiple none work over 4 feet away even with 10 dbi gain antennas.

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1 year ago

TP-Link Archer T9E Dual-Band AC1900 PCI-E Wi-Fi Adapter

Verdict: works great in linux

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1 year ago
PB Tech

Works flawlessly on Windows 10

Verdict: Previous reviews state that this product is not compatible with Windows 10, but I have just installed it with no issues using the driver on the manufacturer's website. No complaints so far; I've got a solid and fast connection.
1 year ago
Pros: great range and fast speeds
Cons: wish the product has the option to extend the antennas to the top of the case like the Asus cards
Verdict: I have an AC2400 router, and originally my D-Link Extreme N wireless card was only getting 3 to 5 mbps Download speed while my PC was in the bastement... I pay for 100mbps from Roger's, after upgrading to this card in the bastement at the opposite side of the house, I have full reception and pull 50...

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1 year ago
Verdict: this was ordered for a present. the use of your web site is easy and this was shipped out in a timely manner thank you

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2 years ago

Not seeing much difference

Pros: Connects to the router quickly when I boot up. Quality head sink but is it really needed? Drivers worked well. No drops in connectivity
Cons: Won't work without installing a driver so not "plug and play" compatible like most components are. I expected some settings and such from the software but apparently it must not work with Win10 because nothing was installed beyond the driver.
Verdict: Overall it's not a bad unit. For the price I paid, I expected it to be faster than the previous wireless card. I think I could have saved money by just using the G/N card I already had in the computer since the connection speed and signal are identical.
3 years ago
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