Sunbeam KE9500 Reviews

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Manufacturer: Sunbeam
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Works well - for about 12 months

Verdict: Scale shows up on it very quickly - impossible to keep looking sparkling clean. Very noisy boil. Lining around joins began disintegrating and appearing in the water. We had been drinking from it for a while before we realised and by the time we did, a lot of the material around the seals in the jug had come away. So goodness knows how much we ended up ingesting. Scary, because the jug is made in China and OHS is not a big thing over there (their standards are not the same as in NZ). Even though it says on the jug "Made in China to Sunbeam specifications". Definitely do not recommend this jug.
1 year ago

Cool blue

Verdict: It's certainly a real novelty in the kitchen. Makes a change from dreary metal.
3 years ago

Sunbeam KE9500 Cool Blue Glass Kettle

Verdict: Bought one of these in August 2016. In March 2017 it stopped heating. Light still came on, just not the element. Briscoes took it back without question, but didn't have another of the same type so I opted for something else.
4 years ago

Love it…super cool

Verdict: Love it…super cool
4 years ago

Sunbeam?Cool Blue Glass Kettle

Pros: works well , looks great
Cons: hard to clean
2 years ago

This product has great features

Verdict: Iam happy with recent purchased from Betta, the kettle looks nice on my kitchen bench and the water boiled pretty quick and quite
3 years ago
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