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Steam Mops Buying Guide

Steam mops are touted as hygienic and effective way to clean hard floors. Here's how to find a model that will make that job even more effective. 

Look For Time Saving Features

Getting the job done as quickly as you can is a priority, so look for features that will save you time, such as a water tank you can refill without having to turn the device off, or a model that heats up quickly and is ready to use in moments. 

A Better Job With Better Cleaning Pads

High-quality cleaning pads made from micro-fibre will trap and carry away dirt, meaning better results. Cheaper models might have inferior cleaning pads, so it's worth going for steam mops that offer better quality pads, as well as extra ones. It's always good to have a clean one on the mop at all times, while another one is in the washing machine.  

Ready To Go

Look for a steam ready indicator, so you know the machine will operate at its best from the moment you start using it.

Make Your Mop Versatile

Accessories and attachments can make a steam mop a very versatile device. For example, it can be used to clean grout, or shower cubicles, or windows, with the addition of a specialised piece of equipment. 

If You Want To Mop Your Carpet

When used on carpets, steam mops can make them look plush and refreshed. if you have a fair amount of carpet in your home, look for a steam mop with a carpet attachment.