Sony XQD G 32GB 400MB/s Reviews

Sony XQD G 32GB 400MB/s
$109.82 - $165.99 from 11 retailers
   3 reviews
User Reviews: 

Expensiv but good!

Verdict: Very satisfied with it...except of the price. That's why I gave it only 4 stars out of 5.

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1 year ago

Blazingly fast!

Verdict: Expensive, but worth it if you do long bursts and don't want to fill-up your camera buffer! Works great with my Nikon D4. I just hope this technology lasts, as it would appear that it never really 'took off' and only really got adopted by Nikon.
1 year ago

NIkon D500 Memory

Verdict: I bought this without knowing if it would work in my Nikon D500. Couldn't find anyone to definitively say it would work in my new camera, although I didn't look too hard. It works great, don't think I'll every have to take it out of the camera, or fill it up for that matter.

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1 year ago
B&H Photo
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