Sony Walkman NW-E395 16GB Reviews

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ALWAYS turns back on and then I have no battery!

Verdict: This Sony was purchased to replace my Apple shuffle. It constantly turns back on with the slightest bump in my w/o bag: leaving me w/ no battery. The sound is sub-par to apple (No I'm not brand loyal - I actually was wanting to move away from A.) I would NOT buy it again .... "un-happy" face.
1 year ago

It's very nice but...

Verdict: I wanted a device with more memory for my music....this was ideal...but ...I tried to delete the music they have already in files...I missed a couple..but I can get rid of that if I wipe ..reset the doesn't have a delete on device to get rid of unwanted songs..
2 years ago

This is the last time I will buy a Sony ...

Verdict: This is the last time I will buy a Sony Walkman mp3 player. I have owned 3, all 16GB and all priced the same as this. I have watched the devices decline with each model. They have all lasted years with daily use but are no longer the high quality they once we're.
1 year ago

Sony Walkman NW-E395 16GB

Verdict: The folks who talk smack about the build quality aren't wrong. It is very light. The other thing I didn't like was there is no volume equalizer. Otherwise Sony did a good thing switching the usb cable to a micro usb cable.
1 year ago

Great Sony Product!!

Verdict: Great for listening to Music and audio courses.
2 years ago


Verdict: still quite new,but seems robust and easy to use!!
2 months ago
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