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The Song Play Station 3 Slim 500GB allows you to do just about anything. Not only can you play games, but you can rent movies and browse the web.

The PS3 Slim offers a new construction. One thing that you will no longer see is the slot-loading Blu-ray tray. Now, there is a top-loading system that has a button that allows users to open the tray with a sliding mechanism. This has helped lower the price.

However, most of the console hasn't changed a lot from the PS3 to the PlayStation Slim 3. There are two USB ports in the front, which is used to recharge the controllers and they are two buttons, which are for opening the disc tray and turning on the power.

In the back you will find the Sony AV connector. It can be used for a SD video. Other features include HDMI, Ethernet, and an eight power connection. One has to love the power connection. It has an electrical transformer inside. As a result, there is no longer an ugly power brick laying on the floor. The best part is that the PS3 Slim can easily be hooked to any television without a lot of work. It is super-light and easy to carry in your backpack.

The PS3 is considered by many as the top gaming console on the market. It offers new graphics and can do more than previous consoles. PlayStation is always working on ways to improve it. The PS3 Slim has outstanding graphics that are hard to beat.

The hardware is better. The PS3 Slim is fast, which is great for paying games online. With this system you can compete with anyone in the world head-to-head or in a tournament. The fun never stops with the PS3 Slim.

The PlayStation Network has a lot to offer. It offers everything you need from games to movies. The games can easily be purchased online. You don't have to wait long to begin the action. The best part is that you can purchase games as soon as they are released. So you no longer have to wait in line at the store, when purchasing the hottest games.

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