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Value for money

Sony MDRV6

Verdict: The Sony MDR-V6 definitely qualifies as a classic headphone. It was introduced way back in 1985, and while Sony has since released a string of "improved" and more expensive V6 inspired models -- the MDR-V600, MDR-7506 , and MDR-7509HD -- the $109.99-list MDR-V6 is still available.
Pros: The Sony MDR-V6 closed-back, full-size headphones sound great and are comfortable to wear for hours at a time. Their sound is also very well-balanced and crisp -- they sound great for the money
Cons: With its coiled, pro-style cable and lack of an inline remote/microphone, some will find the V6s less mobile-friendly than more modern headphones
6 years ago

Sony MDR-V6

Verdict: With fantastic audio quality for a low price point, the Sony MDR-V6s are great studio monitors for the music hobbyist or student who isn’t ready to shell out several grand for a setup at home. These headphones have been around for a long time, and it’s easy to see why.
7 years ago

Sony MDR-V6 Review

Verdict: Despite its age, the Sony MDR-V6 really is a headphone that does very little wrong for the asking price. It is well-built, comfortable, and isolating enough to compete with the best โ€˜modern' studio and DJ headphones.
5 years ago

Excellent sound quality

Verdict: These headphones are comfortable and well made. I will be wearing them for travel and they do not have sound leakage that some other brands have. The sound quality is excellent.
2 years ago

The Unexpected

Verdict: In addition to being absolutely stunning in terms of sound quality, especially with sound interfaces, these headphones got me laid last night. I sh*t you not - she said "i wouldn't had come with you if you didn't wear these headphones" . Turns out she was a musician as well.
4 years ago


Verdict: My Opinion I believe this was probably the best thing I could have done for my ears. . .and my work. It has a wide freq range, quick response, and great smooth lows. i have truly been satisfied.
Pros: V6 vs. 7506 (I have Finally Compared) I have finally compared the two side by side, and when I am working in Logic, I find that I am able to get a better overview of sound with the V6 than the 7506. Why, because I can hear what's up there beyond 20khz.
Cons: The Earcushions This is one area where these headphones need to improve, I like the fact that they SEAL your head, trapping in sound, nearly noise canceling because of the circum-aural design.But for a greater experience, even if your cushions have not worn out yet (which the MDR's are famous for),...
11 years ago

Sony Mdr V6

Verdict: This product could cost 3 times and much, and still be highly competitive in sound quality with other maufacturers such as Grado and Sennheiser. I compared these V6s with the SR80 and Sennheiser HD600 Models, and quite frankly, for the price I paid, I thought the V6's held there own against the...
Pros: Durability (Like a Tank), Sound Clarity, Neutrality of Sound
5 years ago

Flaky pleather and dumbo ears

Verdict: I have sticky-outy ears (notably sothey are hereditary and my grandpa and his brothers had theirs stitched to the sides of their heads at a young age to make them look more normal), so all over-ear headphones crush my cartilage causing pain during extended use.
5 months ago

Sony MDR-V6

Verdict: These headphones are exactly what I need for the quality and clarity I demand. In my opinion they are up there with other brands costing twice as much!
3 years ago

Perfect for my bass amp

Verdict: Pros: True sound from my bass ,much better than my Logitech gaming headphone ,when used logitech the bass sounds were vibrating too much at low but this Sony one does from low to high with ease ! Cons: None Other thoughts:
2 years ago

Sony MDR-V6 Review from an ex-7506 User

Verdict: The MDR-V6 are the big brother of the MDR-7506 . They are driven by CCAW electromagnet voice coils, giving them a frequency response of 10Hz to 30kHz which far outstrips the 7506's. The V6 are not as new user friendly as the 7506's either.
4 years ago

Sony MDR-V6

Verdict: This hugely popular phone has been around for decades, and for a reason: it offers a pleasing sound with comfort and nominal portability - and comfort. At higher volumes, there can be a certain hardness to the sound at around the 3k level.
10 years ago


Verdict: As an audio engineer, I've used these phones for many years. Every sound engineer I know prefers them for their comfort and accuracy. Replacement cushions are available at B&H Photo, among other places. The cloth after-market cushions are nice, but so are the original.
5 years ago

Sony MDR-V6 Professional Headphones

No reviews
Verdict: I had seen a large headphones used by my favorite singer. In her, the design is Hello Kitty and it is color red. I like something like that. I want big headphones were the bass I playing in full blast and the only thing I will hear is the music.
5 years ago
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