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Smart Watches Buying Guide

The smart watch market spoils you for choice, but there is plenty to consider before you actually make that choice. It's not all about function. It's about fashion as well, as this buying guide will make clear.

First things first: compatibility

Your very first consideration when selecting a smart watch is compatibility. In other words, choose one that will work alongside your smart phone, be it Android or iOS. Granted, some Android Wear smart watches can work with an iPhone, and a few other ones can be used as phones in their own right. This can muddy the waters a bit when it comes to knowing what is compatible, and what isn't compatible, so make it the first thing you investigate while shopping around for a smartwatch.

How much life is in the battery?

As with any device that handles multiple functions and a high-tech display, a smart watch's battery has to work very hard. As technology improves, so does battery performance, but there's still quite a gulf between different batteries in different models. Like compatibility, battery performance should be a major factor in your purchasing decision.

Be happy with your apps

T- the range of apps on your smart watch is largely dictated by the operating system you use. So, if the apps you want aren't available on your current system, you may need to update your smart phone before you can update your watch.

A touchy subject

A small smart watch can make using a touch screen something of a challenge. For those of us with sausages for fingers, some smart watches now feature buttons to help you navigate through various functions without scrolling, or to zoom parts of the display.

You can wear it with style

As smart watches become more commonplace, the way they look becomes more traditional as well. An increasing number of smart watches don't actually look like smart watches; their looks hark back to classic two-hand watch design. This is a great selling point if you want the high-tech features a smart watch offers but do not want the futuristic "video game" look often associated with early models. Similarly, many watch straps are also a throwback to traditional designs - just be sure the strap is strong and robust.

Match the watch to your budget

As you'd expect in an ever-expanding market with an ever-expanding range of developments, smart watches vary greatly. Not just in the way they perform and look, but also in the way they're priced. The price often reflects the number of features the watch boasts. At this point, it might be a good idea to work out what features you want - and really need - in your new smart watch, and start from there. Why pay for features you'll never use? Be guided by the functionality you desire and the features you'll use when thinking about how much you're willing to pay for your new smart watch.

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