Silicon Power USB 2.0 U03 16GB Reviews

$19.00 from Heathcote Appliances
★★★★ 3.8
   7 reviews
Manufacturer: Silicon Power
3.8 ★★★★
Based on 7 reviews.

Works great!

★★★★★ 3.0
Verdict: Before I bought my external hard drive, I was using this flash drive for my animation classes. The upload/download speeds are certainly reasonable for a USB 2.0 flash drive, and I've never run short on space (I own the 32GB product). Definitely a good buy!
8 years ago

Low price, lots of storage space!

★★★★★ 5.0
Verdict: Love this little USB drive. Looks nice and easy to operate with the retractable thumb. Thanks B&H! A +
6 years ago

Great USB!

★★★★★ 5.0
Verdict: Perfect USB for my needs. Fast transfers and looks stylish too. Had to reformat it to make it accept larger files, but that was simple and easy to do.
8 years ago

Fast reads, slow writes

★★★★ 4.0
Verdict: One of the lowest prices on 64GB USB drives, at least at the time I got it. Overall good value for low-write, high-read workloads. I would not recommend for a write-heavy workload.
  • 15 MB/sec reads
  • Physically robust
  • It's the slide kind with no cover to lose
  • Read performance from iostat: Device: rrqm/s wrqm/s r/s w/s rkB/s wkB/s avgrq-sz avgqu-sz await r_await w_await svctm %util sdh 3591.10 0.00 226.40 0.00 15258.40 0.00 134.79 3.62 15.98 15.98 0.00 4.42 100.00 sdh 3588.60...
  • Actual capacity only 57 GB. Very slow writes. Less than 1 MB/sec sustained write throughput. Here's some sar results from copying files to it with rsync
  • ext4 fs with journal disabled: 12:00:01 AM DEV tps rd_sec/s wr_sec/s avgrq-sz avgqu-sz await svctm %util 11:20:01 AM sdh 6.56 1.07 1477.03 225.18...
7 years ago


★★★★★ 5.0
Verdict: good
7 years ago

Very Slow

★★★★★ 1.8
Verdict: USB 1.0 write speeds This drive took over 2 hours to fill it to 30GB. I bought 30 of these they were all the same.
6 years ago

Silicon Power 16GB USB Flash Drive Black . USB 2.0 Retractable Connector for Easy operation

★★★★★ 2.5
Verdict: Small, well priced.
3 years ago

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