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Shavers Mens Buying Guide

Men who must shave their faces daily tend to use electric shavers for men rather than the old fashioned razors and shaving cream. Though the automatic shavers are handy and fast, the use of them comes at a cost. That is that few electric shavers can provide as close a shave as the older methods. However, some are far better than others, and we are going to consider the best ways to choose a shaver for men based on their specific needs.

The Styles Available

For the most part, modern shavers for men are found in two different designs - the rotary types and the foil types. Both varieties can be safely and easily used on dry skin, and on growth that has been ongoing for several days. They do need electricity to operate effectively, and they might each deliver radically different results.

Because there are so many variables involved, let's look at the things you want to consider as you choose shavers for men:

Rotary Heads

Manufacturers tend to vary from two to three rotary heads in their shavers for men.The design of these rotating heads is meant to lift or gently tug the hair and then cut it very close to the skin.

Foil Heads

These are also going to vary and will contain several fine blades that move quickly from side to side to tug on hair, pull them through a fine mesh screen over the blades, and cut the hair very close to the skin.


One thing we can say immediately about this issue is that it is best to choose the most powerful options because you get the best results from any men's shaver that has a lot of power behind the blades. The types of power sources include battery operated (least favourable), rechargeable, versatile (switches to plug or battery), and fully electric needing a plug or outlet.


Trimming features are very handy if you keep a beard, moustache, or sideburns. There are also options for pivoting heads which are a must if you want the closest shave. Self-cleaning is advisable due to the difficulty in getting any shaver for men spotlessly clean. Travel cases are also part of the options and can be extremely handy.

Choosing Your Model

How do you begin to select the most appropriate model for your needs? We would recommend beginning with the power. Though a wall plug can force you to remain in place as you shave, this form of power is the most effective and gets the most out of any men's shaver. However, there are combined units that can use battery power for on the go shaving. As indicated, there are some well-made battery-powered models, but these tend to wear out quickly and can lead to unsatisfactory shaves or trims.

The next feature to consider is the type of blade or head you need, and that depends entirely on the type of hair you have. If you are a man with fine facial hair, you can easily rely on single foil shavers, such as those made by Panasonic or Braun. For men with medium hair, which is a bit thicker and which the tugging action of a foil head can irritate, the dual foil heads or shavers for men are the right choices. Brands like Phillips are popular with the double foil fans. Lastly, if you have coarse and thick facial hair, or if you allow stubble to grow for a few days, you need to use the triple rotary head designs to ensure you limit irritation and discomfort. Brand names such as Remington and Re Vive are ideal options for this sort of shaver.

Pricing Issues

What should you reasonably expect to pay for any of the best shavers for men? There is actually quite a wide range of prices depending on the power source, the design of the model, the accessories and options, and any other features (such as shavers that automatically dispense moisturizers, etc.).

You shouldn't break the proverbial bank if you are looking for a reliable model. There are some brands that seem to be priced consistently higher than others because of the quality and consistency of the devices. If you have the means to invest in a top of the line model, you can expect it to last many years. However, even some of the lowest priced models can also last indefinitely if kept clean and used on a regular basis too.

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