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Value for money


Verdict: Good dynamic with a high yield for this headphone that incorporates the highest technology and the expertise of Sennheiser.
8 years ago

Sennheiser MM 550 Travel

Verdict: Headphones don't come much more feature-packed than the Sennheiser MM 550 Travel, a set virtually identical to the PXC 360 BT. They offer active noise cancellation and Bluetooth wireless streaming, as well as an SRS "3D" sound mode.
Pros: Feature-packed, Comfortable
Cons: Noise cancellation ruins sound, Slightly fiddly to use, Expensive
7 years ago

Sennheiser MM 550-X review

Verdict: Can't decide if you want a wired or wireless pair of headphones, or one with active noise cancellation or without? If you've got the cash, you can have it all with the Sennheiser MM 550-X (£350), an extremely well designed set that covers practically every situation you'd ever encounter.
Pros: Top sound quality in wireless mode, Smartly designed controls, Very comfortable, Rugged, folding design
Cons: Very expensive, Noise cancellation affects audio quality
7 years ago

Sennheiser MM-550-X

Verdict: It's rare that we dole out a one out five G-rating for a gadget, but the Sennheiser MM 550-X Travel headphones are one of the sad exceptions. Find out why in the clip above from our noise-cancelling headphones group test.
7 years ago

Sennheiser MM 550-X

Verdict: Can't decide if you want a wired or wireless pair of headphones , or one with active noise cancellation or without? If you've got the cash, you can have it all with the Sennheiser MM 550-X ($499.95 direct), an extremely well designed set that covers practically every situation you'd ever encounter.
Cons: Very expensive. Noise cancellation performance, while solid, isn't class-leading. Audio quality takes a big hit when noise cancellation is activated
7 years ago

Review: Sennheiser MM 550 Noise-Canceling Headphones

Verdict: Some headphones are built for kicking back on the couch and melting into the music. Others are built for the road, whether it's a long flight or just cruising around the hood. Sennheiser's travel-minded MM 550 wireless Bluetooth headphones fit the latter category - they're some street-ready cans...
Pros: Slick design. Compact and foldable. Loaded with travel features for different listening environments
Cons: Nonstandard cord could be a hassle to replace. Closed design and tight grip may cause ear fatigue during long listening sessions. Steep price tag
8 years ago

Sennheiser MM 550

Verdict: The MM 550 is well built, with comfortable padding and metal hinges that allow the large earcups to fold up for travel.
Pros: iPod playback, SRS WOW HD, Great Sound
Cons: Very expensive
18 years ago

Great cans.

No reviews
Verdict: These are some great headphones, but very strictly criticized by most of their owners. The problem is that these are targetting audiophiles who demand these $500 cans sound the way a $500 pair of cans would sound with an amp, and whatnot. That's not realistic.
9 years ago

Sennheiser MM-550

Verdict: Bose and Beats are all smoke and mirrors these are the real deal! they are a must have for the audiofile on the go. I've just got my Audez'e LCD-2 today, can't imagine having to listen to the mm550's, but for walking and moving around they are pretty good with bluetooth and my Atrix 4G
Pros: Great Sound, Very Compact
Cons: cannot think of any =
8 years ago

All in 1

Verdict: I've always wanted a pair of headphones that could everything, and I finally found one, the MM 550X. These headphones are the best bluetooth/wired headphones I have tried. I owned Beats Solo HD's, Beats Studio's, Beats Mixr's, Wireless Beats, Bose QC 3's and QC 15's, AKG K 495's, and the list goes...
Pros: Great sound quality, comfy, practical, multi-purpose
Cons: srs? Max volume not so high
7 years ago

Amazing product.

Verdict: Wow..... This is amazing, I gave it to a deaf person and within two minutes he started singing "shape of you"..
2 years ago

What I've been looking for.

Verdict: Bought these for $380. I have not used these to test calls. Does more than I originally thought with my iPod. Pressing the bluetooth button while it's active will activate the voice recognition program (Siri for later devices) and will use the built in mic for you to talk to it.
Pros: (This is a review for the Sennheiser MM 550 headpones, not the MM 550-x.) Comfort: Wore these MM 550's for 5 hours with no breaks (With glasses on as well) and approx. 10 hours total in one day. No noticeable discomfort once they're adjusted properly.
Cons: Make sure to charge these fully before using the first time, mine were at 1% juice and died after about 10 minutes. Noise cancellation may suddenly stop working for 1~3 seconds rarely when at mid-low battery.
7 years ago

Excellent quality sound and compact, beware noise cancellation

Verdict: I didn't enjoy spending this sort of money, but trust the brand so made the leap, the sound quality for Bluetooth is amazing, these are easily comparable to a wired set of cans. Anyone needing the noise cancellation function should stay well clear though as the function on these headphones simply...
8 years ago

Sennheiser MM-550-X

Verdict: I was looking for a quality product instead of those expensive headphones that sell b/c of their brand name. This was it. It had all the features I desired somehow fit into a reasonably sized headphone: bluetooth (with optional wire), SRS, talkthrough feature, and noise-cancelling technology.
9 years ago

Good feature set, but pricey

Verdict: No, I would not recommend this to a friend
Pros: Build Quality, Compact, Great Sound, Lightweight, Noiseguard, Stylish
Cons: 2point5 mm jack, Poor Value, price, Uncomfortable
8 years ago
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