Sennheiser HD 218I Reviews

Sennheiser HD 218I
$70.00 from AV World
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Sennheiser HD 218i

Pros: Great sound. Plenty of bass. Comfortable. Sound-isolating
Cons: Costly. iPhone only
Verdict: When it comes to buying headphones it seems there are two choices: Sennheiser and everyone else. Sennheiser has so many models to choose from, though, that it can be hard to pick one.
7 years ago

Immersive product

Verdict: These are ideal for me and so comfortable to wear. The noise cancelling features are brilliant and make it so I can immerse myself completely in what i'm listening to. The only downfall to this product is that they feel as though they could be quite fragile if you're not careful enough when putting...
2 years ago

Broke after 1 month

Verdict: Worked fine for the first month that I had it then sound completely vanished in one ear. Waste of money.
2 years ago

Picky son

Verdict: Bought these for my Very picky 22 year old son. He thought the quality was better than Beats.
4 years ago

Mine keep breaking after daily use over 6-8 months.

Verdict: I love the item and sound quality - I hate the fact that no matter how careful I am about the lead/jack - each unit has failed within 6-8 months. OK Amazon have always replaced - I got through 3 but now they have refunded and I either but a 4th or find a different product for use with my iphone.

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4 years ago
Pros: + Quality, + Price, + desing, + Confort
Cons: - none... its sennheiser
Verdict: Overall amaizing headphones very comfortable got it for ~40$ on sales.. very happy with this, Still waiting for the burning to finish the sound allready sound great!
5 years ago
Verdict: A fantastic product, very comfortable to wear!
5 years ago

Dreadful - returning them to store

Verdict: They look fine and are comfortable but sound is terrible. No bass whatsoever (I've tried with various songs and devices) and low max volume. I have a £30 pair of senneiser headphones which are much better, these sound like something that would come free with an mp3 player.
6 years ago
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