Seagate Barracuda Pro ST6000DM004 6TB Reviews

$401.30 - $448.63 from 5 retailers
Manufacturer: Seagate
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Huge, very fast drive

Verdict: This drive has a transfer rate just under half of some very fast SSD drives I have...for a mechanical drive, it's freakin' fast!
Pros: Installed and formatted with no problems. Formats at 9.09TB...will hold massive amounts of data...even a ton of Blu-ray movies. Used CrystalDiskMark to benchmark and got very good transfer rates: Sequential Read: 245.6MB/s Sequential Write: 232.6MB/s I also did a real time data transfer from my...
Cons: So far, I have no complaints at all about this drive
3 years ago

Nice Capacity

Verdict: I've only had this drive for a couple of months so I can't rate its longevity. I am using it in a RAID configuration and it is performing well. I have a neighbor with a defective wash machine and her spin cycle shakes my whole place. Don't's true!
2 years ago

Essential if you have a large games library

Verdict: You might wonder why we need these traditional 'old school' technology hard drives these days. But now that I have one in my new computer build, it definitely makes a lot of sense.
1 year ago

Seagate Barracuda Pro ST6000DM004 6TB

Verdict: Good capacity and several times faster than the older 8TB archive drives.
1 year ago


Verdict: B&H delivers, literally and fast. And as always, the best overall deal. This drive is everything you'd expect; quiet, fast, and HUGE!!! Fast & easy to install and set-up in Windows 7. If you work with gigantic files like 4k video, this is the drive for you!
1 year ago

Bad drives, horrible customer service

Verdict: Unfortunately, we had 2 of the 5 drives go bad and report bad sectors. i have not gone through the RMA process 4 times and still do not have replacement drives. they make you pay for advanced replacement, their credit card processing does not work and people contact you about the case with no intent...
9 months ago
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