Seagate Barracuda Pro ST6000DM004 6TB Reviews

$401.30 - $448.63 from 5 retailers
Manufacturer: Seagate
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Seagate Barracuda Pro ST6000DM004 6TB

Verdict: The first one of these was DOA but the RMA process via NCIX was easy enough amd the second is working fine. I think the drive is pretty good but also expensive with a price tag close to $500.
Pros: -big capacity, -good warranty time (5 years) and data recovery assistance (for the first 2 years I believe, -fast drive
Cons: -little louder than I thought it would be and slow to spin up fully at boot
2 years ago

Surprisingly fast for a HDD. Just a bit noisy.

Verdict: This hard drive offers fast sustained write speeds. Was getting 227 MB/s write speeds copying large video and RAW photos over from a SSD. The only thing is the drive's a bit noisy. I have a quiet case but still noticed the noise level this drive produces compared to my older WD Black Drive.
1 year ago
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