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There are some brands that weather time and fashion, and Scholl is one of them. Created in the early 1900s by a man who was curious about the mechanics of the human foot and how they had an impact on the body, they remain a label known for providing superior comfort as well as style.

A History of the Scholl Brand

At the age of only 17, William Mathhias Scholl began his career in footwear. Working in a small Chicago shoe shop noted for the great comfort of its products, he became fascinated by the stories shared by customers and the need to create truly workable solutions. This fascination led him to medical school where he could master the feet, anatomy and the physiology involved in walking.

In 1904 he patented one of his first solutions to foot pain - the "Foot-Eazer" that was inserted into a shoe and gave support to the arch. Three years later he founded Scholl Manufacturing.

By 1912, he founded the Illinois College of Chiropody and Orthopaedics with the goal of teaching others about feet and the treatment of many conditions, and he even introduced the idea of National Foot Comfort Week at this time as well. In the next decade, Scholl introduced shoes and footwear designed to comfort the foot and he then addressed a secondary condition - leg and foot swelling. Creating some of the first compression stockings, he was the forerunner of today's massive stocking industry.

By the 1940s, he was able to create what would be the firm's longest and best seller - insoles. Covering a range of issues, the insoles could be used by people of all sizes and with everything from flat feet to high arches to give comfort and support. Over the next decades, the firm introduced ever more progressive items, including their famous Pescura sandals with the wooden soles.

By the time William Scholl passed away in the late 1960s, the company was global and known for providing comfortable and even therapeutic products for foot related issues. Even with such success, the brand continued to explore new methods of providing consumers with easily accessible foot care. They released more shoes, skincare products, odour remedies, nail products, and more.

The Scholl Products

Today, consumers can go online and into almost any sort of pharmacy, department, or even grocery store and find a large assortment of Scholl products meant to remedy or support optimal foot health.

Their current categories include:

  • Fungal nail treatments
  • Corn remedies - These include products such as their Corn Shield Gel Plaster, Corns Foam Cushions, 2 in 1 Coren Express Pen, Corn Removal Plaster, Corn Removal Pads and Corn Between the Toes Removal Pad.
  • Hard skin solutions - This category includes the Velvet Smooth line that features the new Express Pedi with Diamond Crystals device, the Hard Skin Softening Cream, the 2 in 1 Hard Skin Removal System, the Instant Hard Skin Remover, the Hard Skin Foot File and the Callus Removal Pads.
  • Dry skin treatments - The products available to remedy dry skin on the feet include Velvet Smooth Essential Moisture Cream, Velvet Smooth Night Mask, Dry Skin Instant Recovery Cream and Velvet Smooth Intense Serum.
  • Cracked heel treatments - The firm offers Cracked Heel ProFile, and the Eulactol Heel line featuring Balm Gold and Balm.
  • Soreness - To help with pain the products include Pressure Point Foam Pad, Toe and Finger Gel Protector, and Foam Toe Separators.
  • Foot Odour - Famous for such remedies the products include Fresh Step Shoe Spray and Fresh Step Antiperspirant Foot Spray.
  • Blister solutions that include two sizes of Blister Shields.
  • Wart Removal Systems
  • Comfort insoles - Among their best selling category, they include Air Pillo Insoles, Shock Absorbing Insoles, GelActive Everyday Insoles for men or women, GelActive Work Insoles, and GelActive Sports Insoles for men or women.
  • PartyFeet - Another range of inserts that includes Invisible Gel Cushions, Ultra Slim Cushions, Gel Heel Shields, Gel Heel Cushions, Gel Sore Spots, and Foldable Ballet Flats.
  • Athlete's foot remedies - Includes their famous Eulactol Antifungal Spray, Tinea Powder Spray and Tinea Liquid Spray.

With a longstanding commitment to relieving foot problems and discomforts, Scholl is the brand to rely on for a dependable solution.

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