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Sandwich Makers Buying Guide

For a quick and tasty snack on the run, a toasted sandwich is ideal. A good sandwich maker can make that snack even quicker and tastier!  

One Machine For Different Breads

With so many varieties of bread now available to use, including focaccia and paninis, look for a model that allows you to make sandwiches with bread of all types and sizes, and not just your standard sliced loaf.

Look For Non-Stick And Removable Plates

Cleaning a sandwich maker can be made considerably easier if the plates are removable, and are made of a high-quality non-stick surface. Some removable plates can even be put through the dishwasher.

Look At The Locking Device

The device that locks the two sides of a sandwich maker together might be small but it plays a big part in the performance of the appliance. A flimsy locking device might struggle to properly seal the sandwich maker or even come undone while cooking, meaning heat can escape and slow down the cooking process.

You're In Control

Some higher-end models feature different temperature settings, which allows you to enjoy a sandwich that's as crispy, or non-crispy, as you want it to be.

More Power, Less Time

The more powerful your appliance, the faster it will cook your sandwiches. This is important to remember if you're usually cooking in a hurry, or if you're catering for a demanding and hungry family who don't want to wait too long before those delicious sandwiches hit the table. Generally speaking, the less you pay, the less power you can expect, and the longer you'll have to wait.

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