Samsung SRS556DLS

$1,799.00 - $1,999.00 from 2 retailers
Manufacturer: Samsung

Product Description

This new side-by-side fridge/freezer from Samsung combines an eye-catching exterior with a very functional and high-performance interior. 

A steely first impression

The stainless steel finish is sleek and smooth, and beautifully enhanced by the long and stylish vertical handles, and the neat, unobtrusive design of the ice and water dispensers on the front. Put them all together and this model will become a real feature in any kitchen.

An inside view

The performance of this appliance is what really counts, of course, and the SRS556DLS offers a range of functions and features that keep it operating at an optimum level. For example, Samsung's No Frost technology stops the build-up of ice on food so things like fruit and vegetable not only stay fresh, but they taste fresh too. Another big bonus behind this technology is that there is no longer any need to defrost your fridge.

No more "Hot Spots"

Many fridges, even modern models, have "hot spots"; areas in the fridge that are warmer than others, which makes for inconsistent refrigeration and variable freshness. This Samsung fridge/freezer overcomes that problem with the introduction of an All-around Cooling System, which cools every part of the fridge evenly, from top to bottom and corner to corner. Optimal temperature is the result, with lasting freshness a major benefit.

Icy in an instant

The SRS556DLS can help you if you're in a rush to freeze something. That's thanks to the Power Freeze function which operates at the touch of a button to automatically set the freezer temperature to the lowest level and create a blast of intensely cold air. It’s great for freezing or firming up frozen food in a hurry, like ice or ice cream.

Product Specifications


  • Capacity
    556 L


  • Colour
    Stainless steel/chrome

Energy ratings

  • Energy rating
    2.5 stars


  • Height
    178.90 cm
  • Width
    91.20 cm
  • Depth
    73.40 cm
  • Weight
    106.00 kg

Product info

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