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SIM Cards Buying Guide

There is an incredible amount of SIM card options, and a staggering an amount of features within those cards!

Data, Text Or Calling

With so many cards on the market, there’s bound to be one that suits your specific needs. You might want a card for checking the occasional text message, or you might want to make calls, or you might want to jump on the internet...or you might want to do all of those things. By knowing your exact needs, you'll save money by selecting a plan or package that fits right around your budget – so work out what you want your card to do for you.    

It Pays To Shop Around

With so many options and lots of competition between providers, shop around! Some deals are better than others. Don't go for the first deal you see - keep digging!    


Let Them Know What You Want

Telco providers should be able to advise you on the best option. By telling an expert what you're after, they can point you in the direction of something that will best suit you, as well as advising you on things to look out for: roaming fees, coverage, and how to add to your plan if required.   

Locked Or Unlocked?

It might seem an obvious thing to say to smartphone-savvy people, but it always pays to double check that your phone is unlocked. Many phone companies discourage SIM card hopping, so make sure it's no big drama to put a new SIM card into your phone. 

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