Ray-Ban RB2140 Original Wayfarer Cosmo 611169 Reviews

Ray-Ban  RB2140 Original Wayfarer Cosmo 611169
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Verdict: Classic style with polarized lens. Just perfect for my taste. Built to withstand the hard wear and tear I put on sunglasses.
3 months ago

Product description not accurate

Verdict: While I'm generally happy with the product, the description did not include the fact that the inside of the sunglasses had red branding rather than all black. Nothing in the product description gave any clue that the glasses were not the classic all black model.
9 months ago

I rate three stars because they r fine if ur ok with cheap glasses

Verdict: Rip off of real ray bans but fooled me at first look. Would fool other people too at first glance. I rate three stars because they r fine if ur ok with cheap glasses.
1 year ago

RayBan Blue Mirror Sunglasses

Verdict: I had been looking for these particular glasses for a couple of years after having broken my last ones. However, I could not find what I thought was a reasonable price that was under $100. I was very surprised when I found them on the Rakuten website and immediately ordered a pair.
2 years ago

Not really Unisex

Pros: Adequate Tint, Durable
Cons: Not Polarized, Too big, Unattractive Design
Verdict: These are very masculine - I didn't realize there was an old & a new wayfarer. I exchanged them.
8 years ago
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