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Pressure Cookers Buying Guide

Pressure cookers are ideal for the modern world, because they cook food fast - a huge deal for time-poor people. Here are the key features to look out for as you shop around for a pressure cooker.

Stick With Stainless

If your budget allows, pay extra for a pressure cooker made from durable stainless steel, which last longer than cheaper aluminium models.

But Aluminium Is Still OK!

Aluminium does have a place in pressure cookers, especially when a layer of it is sandwiched between two layers of stainless steel in the base. This improves heat conductivity and overall results.

The More Settings The Better

Even when cooking under pressure, you want to retain some control over the process. Some models will give you High, Medium, or Low settings, but others offer a wider range of settings so you can select the perfect amount of pressure for specific types of food. 

Buy Big Brands

With all that pressure and steam, and the resulting moisture, parts like safety valves and the silicon lid rings might need to be replaced. This is easier to do if you buy a well-known brand with good customer support and a host of spare parts ready for immediate dispatch.

Safety Under Pressure

Modern pressure cookers are remarkably safe, but you should still look out for safety features when buying one. Things like overheat protection, or a locking mechanism that won't allow you to remove the cover while there is still hot steam coming from the appliance.

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