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Portable Radios Buying Guide

When you're out and about, a portable radio can keep you entertained, or in touch with the world.

A Radio For All Weathers

The idea of a portable radio is to be able to go anywhere with it. Some of the places you go to might not be the sunniest locations, so your radio needs to be weatherproof and waterproof to some degree.

Know Your Battery Level

There's nothing worse than having a battery die on you when you're away from a power source, so look for a portable radio with a battery level indicator. When the batteries are running low, you'll know to replace them before you leave home.

Serious Sound

If audio quality is something you're serious about, and you demand great sound wherever you are, you'll be pleased to know that some portable radios can meet your demands. Superior components and speakers are able to be built into smaller devices, which makes for a great sounding product.

How Portable Is Portable?

Some portable radios come equipped with a handle, so you can carry them around from room to room. This might not be the ideal if you're walking or jogging, so you can buy smaller models that clip onto your clothing, or slip into your pocket, complete with a socket for earphones. Great for the more mobile listener, but check the clip is strong and "catchy" enough to stay attached.

Some Fine Tuning

Check for LED tuning, as this can tune the radio right into a station's frequency and eliminate that annoying static you hear when the radio isn't right "on the station".

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