Polk Audio Omni S2 Reviews

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Good sound - doesn't connect

Verdict: I love Polk audio and am impressed with the sound this small speaker produces. The Omni S2 feels well built and is solid. Downside is that it won't connect to my wifi so it is only being used as a Bluetooth speaker at this point. I've tried to troubleshoot connectivity issue with no sucess.
Pros: Good sound and good build quality
2 years ago

Impressive little speaker

Verdict: Great little speaker once you get it set up and updated. Good sound if you don't turn it too loud, but that is a given with all these types of speakers that I have tried before buying this one. On the Polk web sight it indicates that this comes with the Bluetooth adapter, but mine did not.
Pros: - Good sound - Long lasting battery. Lasted me nine hours - Once set up and updated, it works great
Cons: - Clunky set up and update process - Sound drops out once and a while if using the free DTS Play-Fi app, but goes away if you don't. Pay the $15 USD for the full version. Full version is also needed to use more than one Play-Fi device.
2 years ago

Don't do it!

Verdict: Absolute POS. Sound is good..... When the thing actually works. Fresh out of the box and the center button sticks which obviously creates problems. It rarely, if ever, connects to the mobile devices and to set up a new device (only other option on the ap) doesn't work.
2 years ago
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