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In the current era we are used to the widespread availability of luxury hair care products, "green" beauty products, and botanical extracts as optimal ingredients. However, this is all fairly new in terms of market trends and the beauty industry in general. For decades the beauty and hair care industries have relied on strong chemical agents to generate the most desirable results, and yet these compounds are not always the best for their users or the environment.

This is why the brand of hair care products known as PHYTO is so innovative.

It was as long ago as 1967 that the first line of botanical hair care products was produced and marketed by PHYTO, and their creation is an interesting story in itself.

The Story Behind PHYTO

It was in the beautiful Provence area of southern France that the creator of the PHYTO line decided to combine his love of natural plant botanicals and hair care. Patrick Ales was already a well known and renowned hair stylist in Paris when he traveled to this gorgeous region of France to gather such beneficial plants as lavender, rosemary, juniper and sage. He then worked with experts to create the world"s first botanical hair care products.

Using the launch of his own salon in Paris, Mr. Ales introduced the world to his premier formulations. Not only did these products come with the benefits of delicious aromas that only natural plants can provide, but they actually improved the strength and beauty of hair - without the risks of chemicals. They also protected the natural beauty of the landscape.

Today, the products available from PHYTO have more than 500 different botanical ingredients, and almost all of the formulations are made of roughly 95% botanical ingredients, as well. The purity of these formulas is assured by the firm"s unique extraction processes that are meant to preserve the natural compounds in each of the plants, seeds, fruits, or resins used to make the various formulas.

Of course, this results in highly concentrated formulas, and that means that there is no need for harmful and unnecessary compounds or fillers. Each of the PHYTO products is going to be free of parabens, synthetics, water, alcohol, silicones, and all of the rest of the harmful and wasteful compounds that seem to fill so many other product lines.

What this means for those using the products is immense: You get almost entirely pure botanical products packaged in glass and easy to recycle aluminum packaging. You need only small amounts of each product for optimal results, and you get formulas that are usually around 99% botanical ingredients.

Healthy Hair and PHYTO Products

The company"s founder is known for saying that there is no such thing as truly bad hair. Instead, he insists, there is only badly treated hair. The products that the company offers to prevent the issue of badly treated hair from occurring include:

Treatments - This includes their Phytophanere supplements for hair and nails, their Phytocyane revitalizing serum, the Phytopolleine scalp remedy, the Phytostim spray for thinning hair, and their Phytolium 4 treatment for thinning hair.

Beautifiers - A range of seven styling products that include Huile d"Ales treamtne oil, Phytokeratine for repair, Subtil Elixir for shine, Phytojob for hydrating, Phytolisse for frizz, Phyto 7 for hydrating, Phyto 9 for nourishing, Phytomist for shine, Phytokarite for nourishing, and Phytocitrus for color protection.

Shampoos and Conditioners - Available for all hair types, and even used for treating hair disorders or to help individuals with their hair "expectations" such as volume or frizz.

PHYTO Professional - Known as an eco-conscious styling range, this extensive line of eight formulas deliver professional styling power into the hands of consumers and experts alike. Includes styling pastes, shine waxes, glossing and curling cremes, mousses, and more.

Sun Protection - Products meant to protect the hair from sun and wind damage even as it nourishes. Phytoplage formulas for post sun, sun oil, and protection.

Kids - The Petit PHYTO line for the delicate skin of kids ages three to ten. Includes a combination hair and body wash and a detangling formula.

Finding PHYTO

In addition to being available online, the PHYTO products are sold through several upscale retailers around the globe, including Sephora, Nordstrom, and Ulta.

With almost fifty years of expertise in botanical hair products, the PHYTO line is one for those interested in eco-friendly and naturally pure hair care.

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