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Philips SHL9700
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Blown Away!

Verdict: These FAR exceeded my expectations. I dont think anyone could expect to get the quality that these are. The build on these could easily go for $100-$200. One of the best built headphones ive ever used, and a seemingly plastic world. Comfort... there is nothing even close to this!
5 years ago
Sonic Electronix

Good quality but sound leakage an issue

Verdict: These headphones are stylish and look great on. However, the sound leakage is an issue, especially if you are using them on a commute which I am. But overall, an excellent product.
6 years ago

Great looking high quality product

Verdict: Great headphones, they look really good and they seem to be manufactured to a very high standard. The build quality is just great. I really like these a lot.
6 years ago

Great Sound

Pros: look great, sound great
Cons: none
Verdict: These must be one of the best pair of headphones I have owned and I have owned a fair few over the years. The sound is really clear and open and the bass is really good and tight but not over powering they are also very comfortable and a really good fit. They look great to and are very lightweight.
6 years ago
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