Pentax SMC-DA 10-17mm F3.5-4.5 ED Fisheye Reviews

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Manufacturer: Pentax
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Value for money

Very surprised at how good it is

Verdict: I was wary of buying this lens, as a fisheye is quite a niche item. However, I am delighted. I also have the Pentax 12-24mm and at the same focal lengths it is just as good, though this is fisheye so looks a lot wider.
Pros: Consistent Output, Lightweight, Quick Focus, Sharp Focus
2 years ago

Great, fun lens!

Verdict: I orginally wanted a wide angle and rented this lens since the wide angle was unavailable. The lens is a great fun lens and you can do a lot of creative shots. Great for night photography if you have a subject that has a lot of curvature.
6 years ago

Full metal barrels, decent sharpness across the frame.

Verdict: An unusually well made fun lens which has full metal construction even the inner barrels.
Pros: Full metal barrels, decent sharpness across the frame
Cons: Visible CA
12 years ago

Lenes Wide Open

Verdict: It works well for what I want, a fisheye to wide angle zoom. Cuts down the number of lenes I absolutely must take with me. Solid feel, a good quality product. That said non-zoom lenses are better, but only just.
3 years ago

So much fun with this lens

Verdict: This lens is included fisheye function 180 degree at 10mm and ultra wide 100 degrees at 17mm. Sure, there is lots of distortion in 10mm because it is fisheye, but it is not a bad point you cab create many creative photo from it. At 17mm, you can take 100 degree with just a few distortion.
Pros: Both fisheye and ultra wide in the same lens, good build quality
Cons: Cannot install filter, an unique design of lens cap if lost it have to pay much for it
11 years ago

Wide, Wide

Verdict: This is a very fun lens to use. It provides full frame images on a digital slr through the entire zoom range. It is about the equivalent of a 15-26mm lens on a 35mm camera. It is a great match for the 18-55 kit lens that comes with most Pentax digital cameras.
Pros: Compact size. Good quality optics. Smooth operation. Zoom
Cons: No filter system. Only useable on digital cameras
12 years ago

Five Stars

Verdict: What a great lenses. Wow! So many great pictures. Really in love. Money well spent.
1 year ago

Good all round lens, top quilaity build. A very fun lens to use!

Verdict: This is an excellent lens, perfect for multiple uses. It is perfect for landscape photography, live band photography and has displayed amazing results with nighttime photography. I've been using this on my K-5 alongside the 18-135mm lens and it has become my favourite lens yet!
6 years ago

Fun perspective

Verdict: I have the Pentax 12-24 lens already, but found that I really wanted something that was going to offer another perspective. The DA 10-17mm f/3.5-4.5 ED(IF) by Pentax offers a fish-eye look at 10mm while having minimal distortion by 17mm.
Pros: fisheye at 10mm but pretty straight at 17mm
Cons: hard to add polarizing filter
9 years ago

Great Lens to use

Verdict: This lens is one of hardest to use because of image distortion is very serious. However, once you have used, you can't stop because it makes the object emphasised. So Great!!!
8 years ago

Pentax SMC-DA 10-17mm F3.5-4.5 ED Fisheye

Verdict: Originally I was looking at this for external architecture and museum interiors. I am amazed at how close your able to get to the subject and still capture everything. The ability to take in 180 degrees is great, and with software your able to remove the fisheye effect if needed.
Pros: Great quality and construction finish. Feels like a fine instrument. Dead on instant focus - no hunting. Great bag/case
Cons: None
12 years ago
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