Paris Hilton EDT Men 100ml Reviews

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A must have for sure

Verdict: A must have simply put. Beautiful packaging and quality. Have received so many compliments while wearing this fragrance. One of my essential go to cologne fragrances for sure.
1 year ago

Paris out did her self with this fragrance

Verdict: Paris Hiltons for men is yet another great fragrance in my book, it is my signature scent, even though i buy different types of colognes Paris Hilton for men is MY ABSOLUTE favorite... in the words of the icon herself, " LOVES IT "
7 years ago

Paris Hilton Paris Hilton

Verdict: I'm in my 40s and sometimes wear this to work, especially in the summer. It seems more suited to a teenager because of the fruity notes.
9 years ago

Paris Hilton EDT Men 100ml

Verdict: Put simply, Paris Hilton for men is a fruity fragrance. From the opening, you are hit with an intense mango note accented by fig. The result, you end up smelling like an exotic fruit cup.
11 years ago

Cucumber summer

Verdict: It's very fresh, cucumber, summer, sweet, just a hint of citrus in there. Longevity not that great, but for the price it's worth it.
7 years ago

Teenager: Hi my name is Hilton, Paris Hilton

Verdict: Fresh scent for spring/summer use & so unisex it can be worn by women & I know some who wear it & love it. I detect a fruity watermelon accord with some flowers flowing through the whole frag. It has a musky base & it stays close to the skin.
7 years ago
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