Panasonic TH-65GZ2000U 65in

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Manufacturer: Panasonic

Product Description

Panasonic's GZ2000 not only delivers a dazzling picture and a super-slim OLED screen. It also belts out great sound thanks to some smart modifications.

Onwards and upwards

Watch, or rather LISTEN to the GZ2000, and you'll hear what could be described as layers of sound. That's thanks to the Dolby Atmos speaker unit, which contains two speakers that are aimed upwards to add extra height to the sound. Throw in a woofer at the bottom of the back panel, plus three speakers at the foot of the screen and you have rich audio that adds so much to the viewing experience.

A screen for today

With much of today's content in 4K, it makes sense that the GZ2000 boasts a 4K resolution screen for exceptional picture quality. Meanwhile, there's a whole host of HDR video formats which is very convenient given that TV services, broadcasters and studios use different formats.

A more dynamic picture

 While peak brightness in the GZ2000 is the same as in previous models, thereโ€™s a wider range of colours promising a more dynamic picture, courtesy of Panasonic's new HCX PRO Intelligent processor and enhanced HDR support. Images are smoother during fast motion, and colours more vivid, while the renowned deep blacks, a signature feature of new-model Panasonic TVs, are as good as ever.

Easy to use

 The new My Home Screen 4.0 interface gives you a nice shortcut to live TV and an extended TV guide, while also allowing you to quickly access your favourite channels and apps, including Amazon Video, Netflix and YouTube. Voice support is another feature, so you can control your TV through Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

Product Specifications


  • Screen size
    65 in

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