Panasonic RP-HTX80 Reviews

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Manufacturer: Panasonic
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Panasonic RP-HTX80B Review

Verdict: The Panasonic RP-HTX80B are mid-price wireless headphones with a look so retro it wouldn't appear odd if they came with a manual pressed on vinyl. They're comfortable, battery life is great and wireless stability is rock-solid.
Pros: Comfortable, Retro look, Good battery life
Cons: Resonant, abrasive mids, No wired input
1 year ago

Panasonic RP-HTX80B review: Hitting the sweet spot

Verdict: Commuters and frequent flyers may demand the very best noise-cancelling headphones with the plushest materials on the planet, but what if you could get great audio performance from a simpler and comfy pair of cans that look effortlessly cool
Pros: Excellent build quality, Fantastic retro styling, Easy-listening sound that's superb for the money, Very impressive battery life
Cons: Would have liked a wired connection, Carry case would have been nice too, Some users may want a touch more bass
1 year ago

Does what it says

Verdict: Good looking retro style earphones, comfortable to wear, and sound very good to my uneducated ear.
1 year ago

I Never Knew I Needed These!

Verdict: Seriously, I never knew that I needed these headphones in my life the way I know now. They cancel out background sounds like it is their 9-5 job & the sound quality is something that I haven't experienced until now.
1 year ago

Don't judge a item by its cover

Verdict: Wow super stoked with my head phone. Sound quality superb, have the sound on almost full my wife could not hear a thing. Comfortable light and so easy to use. I fully recomend this unit especially to those who enjoy good classical music.
1 month ago
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