Nutribullet NB9-0907M

Nutribullet NB9-0907M
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Product Description

The Nutribullet remains a very popular appliance in New Zealand. The Pro version works similarly to the original version, but is equipped with a more powerful 900W motor and increases the number of servings from five to seven. It comes with a sleek copper surface.

How does the Nutribullet work?

The Nutribullet is fundamentally a blender regardless of any marketing claims by the manufacturer that wish to position it as an extractor. The advantage of the Nutribullet compared to many other blenders and juicers is that it's able to produce a very fine texture due to its high- speed blades and the shape and design of its cup. It breaks down ingredients effectively into one drinkable "unit" rather than producing two separate juice and pulp parts like most blenders do. Hence, the Nutribullet produces less waste and thereby maximises the nutritional value of the ingredients that you want to blend.

Usage and maintenance

It's really easy to use and maintain the Nutri bullet. Select any fruits and veggies that you want to consume (extract), load it into the cup, screw on the cap and finally attach the cup to the base of the blender. Then just turn it on and wait for a few minutes. Please note that the blades are strong enough to handle hard and solid ingredients like wheat grass and seeds. Thus, one doesn't have to worry about breaking the product while using it!

What's included?

The Nutribullet Pro comes with a 9 piece set and includes a power base and high- performance extractor blades. Two cup sizes are included: a large 900 ml cup and a smaller 500 ml one. There are two lids. One lid for flipping the cup and another re-sealable one for keeping the drink fresh after extraction and preventing oxidation. An instructions manual and the recipie booklet "Pocket Nutrionalist" are are also included in the box.

Product Specifications

  • Power
    900w W
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    19 June 2015