Nissin Di866 Mark II For Sony Reviews

Nissin Di866 Mark II For Sony
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Nissin Di866 Mark II: A Versatile Shoe-Mount Flash

Verdict: The Nissin Di622 Mark II offered some notable improvements over the original Di622, but that flash didn't offer the firepower of the Nissin flagship Di866 Professional. So I was curious and eager to see what the new Di866 Mark II Professional had in store.
6 years ago

Five Stars

Verdict: all perfect

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4 years ago

OK product, but no CANON replacement

Pros: Easy To Use, Fast Recycling, Lightweight
Verdict: If you can afford it buy a Canon. This was an OK flash for a casual shooter, but I didn't like it as a wedding reception flash.

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5 years ago

Fantastic flash - Great Value

Pros: Easy To Pack, Easy to Use, Lightweight, Reliable, Strong Construction
Verdict: Easy to use menu system
Fantastic power
Great / solid construction
Have been using this flash on weddings - great results
5 years ago

Packed with all the features you'll need for half the price of the 580EXII!

Verdict: I've found the flash to be of excellent build quality - probably a little shy of the 580EXII, but it's about 95% there for half the price. Even though some reviewers say the recycle time is slower than the Canon, I can't say I've had to wait at all in my testing so far.
6 years ago

Flash as a light source

Verdict: External Flash is a must buy for every DSLR user. Better to invest in an entry level DSLR and splurge on telephoto, prime lenses, flash, a good quality tripod few filters. They will make a much much greater difference in ur photo than an expensive camera ever could.
7 years ago

Excellent....comparable to Canon

Verdict: I use this flash for wireless multi-flash setups, in conjunction with a Canon 580-II, usually on a Canon 5D-MkII. I am very pleased with both, although they differ slightly in their strongest points. (I strongly prefer either of them over the pair of Sigma flashes that I used previously.

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7 years ago
B&H Photo
Verdict: I just purchased my 2nd Di-866 flash 3 weeks ago and as I said back in 06/2010, you can't beat this speedlite. I took it to compare against Canon's580exII & the Di-866 is a millimeter or 2 bigger all the way around. Shooting continuously at full power the flash will fire every 2 to 3fps !

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7 years ago
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