Nilfisk Meteor Deluxe 12404912

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Nilfisk Meteor Deluxe Bagless Vacuum Cleaner
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6 years ago

The Brand was Recommended - disappointed though

I have to stop after every 5 minutes use and wait 15 minutes before the cleaner will start again. I have followed the instructions, kept it clean and empty - put in a new filter. Same annoying result. Even when brand new I was disappointed at the low suction and short period of 'action' before the auto-sutout switches it off. Grrhh!! Takes forever to clean the whole house.
7 years ago

Basic design flaws quickly render this machine un-usable

Very disappointing effort from a supposedly reputable brand. The vacuum cleaner hose and turbo head quickly become blocked by debris that simply should not cause a problem. Forgivable, if only there was some way to dismantle the hose and heads to clear the obstruction out. Expect either endless expensive service bills or a vacuum cleaner that has no suction.

Other basic mistakes with the design of this machine include wheels that get stuck on every corner, door frame and piece of furniture, causing damage to your fittings, and an accessories holder which for some reason is attached to the tube, so that you can not get it into narrow spaces, underneath anything or down the back of furniture (I unscrewed this pointless irritation very quickly).

Really I have to wonder if this machine was designed by someone who has ever actually vacuumed a house, or understands anything about the process at all. The design flaws of this machine are so basic that I am bewildered as to how a brand like Nilfisk could actually produce it.

7 years ago

Very disappointing effort from Nilfisk - basic design flaws quickly render this machine useless

I bought a Nilfisk because I had heard it was one of the best. Unfortunately the Meteor has put me off this brand for good. First of all, it is a pig to move around - the wheels stick out from the body and get stuck on corners, door frames, furniture, everything, resulting not only in frustration but damaged fittings as well. The accessories holder on the tube means you can not use the tube to get down the back of furniture, underneath things or into any narrow space - a basic requirement I'd have thought.

All forgivable if only the machine would actually work. It has little enough suction anyway, but suck up anything bigger than a dust mote and the hose becomes blocked, and there is absolutely no way to unblock it. You can not remove the rigid plastic part of the hose to clear it out, and there is no blow function to blast the obstruction out. You are stuck with either endless expensive service bills or a vacuum cleaner that barely works. The turbo head is cheap and shonky. It is designed to pick up pet hair, but is not only fairly ineffective, but it also quickly becomes clogged. And if you pick up anything but hair, it will jam the brush. Again, forgivable, except that there is no way to dismantle the head to clear any obstruction out.

I have to wonder if the person who designed this machine has ever actually vacuumed anything, let alone the average family home. The designs flaws are so insane that I can't believe a brand like Nilfisk could possibly produce a vacuum cleaner like this. At the very least, it should be possible to clear obstructions from the hose and heads - an absolute basic requirement. After just four months I am abandoning this vacuum cleaner and will be looking for a brand that appears to know what it's doing.

Product Specifications


  • Type
    Without bag
  • Dust capacity
    2.5L L


  • Weight
    5.50 kg

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