Nikon Nikkor AF-S DX 35mm F1.8G

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★★★★★ 4.7
Manufacturer: Nikon
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The Nikon Nikkor AF-S DX 35mm f1.8 G offers outstanding images that come from a prime lens. This lens has a lot to offer when it comes to low-light shooting and creating softly blurred backgrounds. There is a normal view, which provides everything you need. If you need a high quality lens, the Nikon Nikkor AF-S DX 35mm f1.8 G should be at the top of your list.

Plus, you can isolate your subject for a dramatic effect. The key to creating outstanding photos is using a lens with a wide maximum aperture. This lens offers an aperture of f/1.8, which results in complete depth-of-field control for filming your subject and creating outstanding portraits.

The Nikon Nikkor AF-S DX 35mm f1.8 G does an excellent job under low light performance. The aperture does more than create outstanding backgrounds. It also improves the quality of photos when there is not a lot of light. With the Nikon Nikkor AF-S DX 35mm f1.8 G, you will be able to take photos under different conditions with natural light both inside and outside.

The AF-S NIKKOR lens offers Nikon's Silent Wave Motor. This is one of the latest developments in AF lens technology. It features an Aspherical lens element. The best part is that it take advantage of non-spherical surfaces, which helps to reduce lens aberration.

This lens has a focusing mode which provides an outstanding option to change from automatic to manual focus. There is almost no lag time.

The Nikon Nikkor AF-S DX 35mm f1.8 G features eight elements in six groups. This lens differs from the 50mm standard prime. The focal length is shorter than the flange distance from the lens mount to the imager. As a result, you will need a 'retrofocal' design.

Anyone looking for a lens that produces high quality photos will love the Nikon Nikkor AF-S DX 35mm f1.8 G. The lens helps to deliver high quality photos, even when there is limited lighting. The Nikon Nikkor AF-S DX 35mm f1.8 G is compact and offers outstanding picture quality. The ring type SWM has a lot to offer. The front element and filter mount do not rotate and the length of the barrel does not change.

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  • Quick focus
  • Sharp focus
  • Easily interchangeable
  • Consistent output
  • Lightweight

Product Specifications

Best price for Nikon Nikkor AF-S DX 35mm F1.8G is $265.25 inclusive of GST. This is presently the cheapest offer found from comparing prices from 23 shops in New Zealand and one overseas retailer.


  • Lens range
    35 mm
  • Aperture
  • Lens construction
    8 elements, 6 groups (1 hybrid aspherical lens)
  • Min. focus distance
    300 mm
  • Diagonal viewing angle
    44 degree
  • Dimensions - split
    70.0 x 52.5 mm


  • Filter size
    52 mm


  • Mount type
    Nikon F

Image properties

  • Physical focal length
    35 mm
  • Magnification ratio (1:x)
  • Maximum aperture

Lens design

  • Type of lens
    Normal, Wide angle
  • Construction
    11 Elements in 8 Groups


  • Filter thread


  • Auto focus support
  • Auto focus engine
    Ultrasound engine
  • Internal focusing
  • Manual focus in AF mode
  • Weather proof (moisture/dust)
  • Lens hood included
  • Lens type
    Standard Zoom


  • Width
    0.20 cm
  • Weight
    310 g

Product info

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