Netgear Arlo Baby ABC1000 Reviews

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Manufacturer: Netgear
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Product is buggy at best

Verdict: We leave the monitor open and running at night with a wifi extender to ensure no issues with the signal. Just awoke to a black screen without sound and yet I could hear my very upset baby screaming; reviewing the video and alerts that we hadn't received, she had been doing so for 15 min.
1 year ago

Love this baby monitor.. easy connection.. great features.. all round best choice I feel

Verdict: If you want a good monitor that is full of features.. high value.. and with great quality audio and video then I advise you to look at this. Gives you options to program some features... choose the quality of video up to 1080p which is really good quality..
10 months ago

Great bit of kit

Verdict: I am very impressed with the Arlo baby monitor, picture quality is great and I love the additional features of the music, night light and talk back. Will probably purchase a cheap tablet to use as a dedicated screen rather than using my phone to view it in the long run.
11 months ago

Netgear Arlo Baby ABC1000

Verdict: This camera is among the worst. Connection is spotty. 50% of the time the images will not load on the computer. Their stupid streaming website still uses Flash, which is slow, unsafe, and unsupported by modern browsers. It runs hot most of the time, giving false readings to the temperature sensor.
3 months ago

Netgear Arlo Baby ABC1000

Verdict: The most important thing for the monitor is to notify you when your child is restless. This is so you can soothe them, but more importantly, so that you're secure in the knowledge that they're not suffocating or in danger.
4 months ago
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