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4 years ago
★★★★ 1.0
Very poor
I bought a samsung S5 phone from MobileStation which they said was new, not refurbished. I was impressed with the fast delivery time. That's where it ended though. By the end of the first day, it became apparent the phone was a lemon, likely a refurbished phone, or one that has had water damage (repair agency's analysis not mine). The screen flickers like mad, especially when it's below about 25 degrees, the microphone is so bad everyone tells me to call back on another phone (they say there are very loud feedback noises like R2D2 underwater), and the digital compass doesn't work. It had these faults from day 1. Unfortunately I really needed it on day 2 for a field trip taking photos, and it developed a small crack in the screen glass while in my pocket (it may have had pressure from the GPS also in my pocket, but was definitely never dropped). After a phone call and an email to MobileStation, the company says they will not replace or refund, but will repair the mic and compass. They say the screen is my responsibility, and needs to be fixed to access the other parts. This costs $210 to fix and I'm not sure that it's worth throwing good money after bad with this phone considering the list of issues it has. I'm ok with having a crack in the glass but the flickering is terrible and was definitely not a result of the crack as it existed from day 1. A local repair agent also said a crack like this would not cause the flickering. I believe it is MobileStation's responsibility to repair or replace everything except the crack in the glass. I feel they are using this as a convenient excuse to not repair, replace or refund the dud phone they sold me. I'd be very cautious buying here, I think they’re poorly refurbished phones without the service to back them up.

4 years ago
★★★★★ 5.0
I was very impressed with this company. The delivery was SO quick, within two days. I also needed a GST receipt and so contacted them, they were very helpful and very efficient. Thank you!

5 years ago
★★★★★ 2.0
I purchased a Samsung galaxy s5 plus with them in January having previously bought one for my partner last year with which I received good service and a good device. This time around however, not only did it take nearly 4 weeks to arrive with a number of mix ups in between, but the device I received is a piece of crap. It is so ridiculously slow (considering it's suppose to be one of the world's fastest phones), everything lags, I often get very loud feedback when talking, and sometimes it just freezes. I suspected the device was perhaps a factory second or something and emailed them describing the issues only to be told twice that it definitely was a new device but nothing was mentioned about why the phone is so shit and there was no offer to fix the phone. I feel severely disappointed with the service and the quality of the phone and will definitely not use them again or recommend them to anyone


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Year established:  2010
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Registration Number:  2473498
Full Company Name:  Future Technology Ltd
List date:  2012-03-6

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