Mitsubishi MSZGE25VA / MUZGE25VAH

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Manufacturer: Mitsubishi
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Product Description

High efficiency Mitsubishi Electric reverse cycle inverter heat pump air conditioning units have a lot to offer. They feature innovative technology. The best part is that they will help control the temperature inside of a building. One advantage is that they do an excellent job of keeping the temperature from fluctuating.

The Mitsubishi MSZ-GE25VA offers an excellent air conditioning system. It is well built and reliable. Anyone looking for air conditioning for small rooms will love it. The best part is that it won't take up a lot of room.

With an elegant design, you will love this air conditioning system. It works with a wide variety of interior designs. Plus, it is well build and dependable. Many years from now, you will still be using this unit. It is efficient and will help save energy.

This unit offers a highly efficient inverter. The advantage is that it increases power based on the current conditions, which helps to reach the desired temperature quicker. This helps to reduce drastic temperature fluctuations.

Another feature is the "i-save" Mode. This is something that is easy to set. This function can be used to recall the preset temperature. All you have to do is press a button. This helps to make sure that the best air conditioning settings are implemented to reduce power consumption.

The best part is that the Mitsubishi MSZ-GE25VA does not make a lot of noise. It operates at 19 dB(A) (MSZ-GE25/35) without sacrificing a cool temperature.

The best part is that it is easy to clean. The air supply louvre can be removed without a lot of effort. This helps to improve operating efficiency. The best part is that you can clean it yourself. You don't have to call in a technician to get it clean and running at optimal levels. There is a lot to like about the Mitsubishi MSZ-GE25VA.

If you are looking for an excellent air conditioner, you will love the Mitsubishi MSZ-GE25VA. It is energy efficient and offers everything that you need. The next time that you are looking for an air conditioning unit, check it out.

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Product Specifications

Best price for Mitsubishi MSZGE25VA / MUZGE25VAH is $1,899.99 inclusive of GST. This is presently the cheapest offer in New Zealand.


  • Style
    High wall


  • Heating COP


  • Cooling EER

Control features

  • 7 day timer
  • 24 hour timer
  • Number fan speeds


  • Outside noise
    46 dB
  • Inside noise
    19 - 42 dB

Operating range

  • Min operating temperature
    -15 °C

Energy efficiency

  • Energy efficiency ratio(EER)


  • Cooling capacity
    2.5 kW
  • Heating capacity
    3.0 kW


  • Height
    28.50 cm
  • Width
    80.00 cm
  • Depth
    55.00 cm
  • Weight
    10.00 kg

Product info

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