Miele Complete C3 Totalcare Canitser Reviews

Miele Complete C3 Totalcare Canitser
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Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog

Pros: Powerful, Versatile, Helps eliminate odors, Great for pet hair/hard floors
Cons: Pricey, Best for low- to mid-pile carpet
Verdict: The Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog is a top performer on both carpet and hard floors. The motor driven head digs deep to get debris out of carpeting the mini turbo tool and odor-eliminating filter make it a great choice for homes with pets.

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1 year ago

Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog Powerline

Pros: Powerful with 6 suction levels, Effective pet hair cleaning, AirTeq head great on hard floors, Quieter than rivals
Cons: Cable could be longer, Turbohead too large for stairs
Verdict: A good value and very effective bagged cylinder vacuum on all surfaces

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2 years ago

Miele Complete C3 Brilliant Vacuum Cleaner

Pros: Unmatched filtration system. Our testing showed it exhausts 0 particles back into the room, All controls for operating the vacuum are at your finger tips on the operating handle, Automatic suction setting for hassle free vacuuming.
Cons: Expensive, however, it is an uber-premium vacuum cleaner with all the bells and whistles, and with Miele's quality manufacturing you can be sure it will last for many years
Verdict: Clearly this is not your average vacuum cleaner and we must admit it is very impressive. If its illumination does make you say "wow", then its performance will. Yes, it has a high price, however, you are most definitely getting what you pay for with the Miele Complete C3 Brilliant.

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2 years ago

Miele Complete C3 Comfort Boost EcoLine review

Verdict: Miele has long been known for its cylinder vacuums, which have changed little in appearance over the years, with their understated but richly-coloured units and stainless steel extension tubes.

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3 years ago

Miele Complete C3 Review

Pros: Powerful 1,200 motor, Versatile tool set to choose from depending on your need, Motorized floor tool is great even on carpet because in addition to the brush roll it actually vibrates carpet to provide additional agitation, Main floor tool swivels, Sealed system keeps allergens where they should be...
Cons: Their top of the line variant is ridiculously expensive, Purchasing bags will add up over time, Short power cord – just 22 feet
Verdict: Rarely do I get excited with a canister vacuum but when I saw the Miele Complete C3, I had to investigate what makes this German made vacuum so special. I'm not going to cover one variant but I'll cover them all here. From the C3 Limited Edition (Green) to the most expensive variant, the C3 […]
3 years ago
Verdict: For neat freaks who can spend some cash up front, the math works out in Miele's favor. Given the C3's arsenal of accessories, this machine could replace your dust buster, your stick vacuum, and your carpet vac, all at once.
4 years ago

New Vacuum

Verdict: Having used a bagless Dyson vacuum for the last 5 years with three cats and a dog, I decided to treat myself to a Miele Cat & Dog and go back to bags. It's a great Vacuum and cleans a lot better getting up all the pets hairs. So powerful and light yet lifts the carpet.

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3 months ago

Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner - Red

Pros: Where do I start there's so many but the outstanding one is its a miele
Cons: No
4 months ago

... about the fact that the hoover we had was poor. I mentioned Dyson and she said that she ...

Verdict: "Purchased this as wife was always going on about the fact that the hoover we had was poor. I mentioned Dyson and she said that she though Miele are better. She could not have been more right. The suction on this thing is mental if it is not nailed down this thing will try and lift it on full power.
6 months ago

Got pets/kids Worth every penny

Verdict: With a constantly shedding lab, I've gotten tired of having to sweep my entire 1600 sq ft house every couple days and still having to chase the fur bunnies around. I've been researching vacuums to make this easier, and I admit I had trouble with this price tag.

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7 months ago

An excellent hoover

Verdict: An excellent hoover. Very, very good in all aspects, except the price. Expensive when it was bought. I hope prices have gone down now so you can get one also.

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10 months ago

works very well and is easy to use

Verdict: The process of four easy payments makes the product affordable. Being able to pick the product up at my nearest store makes it convenient. The vacuum itself is very effective for general and pet cleaning. The whole process has been a rewarding experience that means I will probably do it again.
11 months ago

Miele?Complete C3 Cat & Dog Vacuum

Pros: On board tools. Quietness. Follows like a dog. Cord length
Cons: Yes, the handle, but not an issue
1 year ago
The Good Guys

Really powerful

Verdict: I bought this to replace Dyson and Shark hoovers that last me about a year before breaking down and originally as an in-between hoover whilst my other was getting fixed. However, this is now my main vacuum.
1 year ago

Very pleased with the vacuum

Verdict: We recently purchased the Miele C3 total care canister vacuum and are very pleased with the vacuum. It is light weight, quiet and does an excellent job of vacuuming. We also purchased the 12.5 inch swivel head which is a very handy in that it works easily around and under furniture.

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1 year ago

Miele Complete C3 Total Solution Allergy PowerLine Bagged

Verdict: The vacuum cleaner is clearly solidly made and came with a bewildering array of attachments. It is very powerful and I like the fact it is just as good on hard floors as carpets - l have also used it to clean the walls and ceilings!
1 year ago

Great Product

Verdict: I bought it a year ago. I am so so happy with that. Great product. Very powerful. Cleans perfectly. Great.
1 year ago


Pros: Lightweight, Powerful
Verdict: "Really happy with this vacuum cleaner. Its very powerful and so easily transportable up and down stairs compared to my previous Dyson dc14 which did give me 6 years of good service.
2 years ago
Appliances Online

I'm In Love

Pros: Lightweight, Swivel Handles, Choise of Settings
Cons: Unlock from upright position difficult
Verdict: We have 4 cats and 2 dogs. The light on the power brush makes it easy to see all the fur we might miss. Easy to use attachments and vacuum narrow areas.
2 years ago
ABT Electronics
Verdict: Have had a Miele for approx 12 years and time for a replacement. Old machine is still running well. Good to see the great quality is still there with this new model.
2 years ago

Five Stars

Verdict: Excellent
2 years ago

Best ever

Verdict: I am so pleased with every aspect of my new vacuum cleaner in terms of its performance on all different types of floors. Tiny bit tricky on stairs but not really a problem. It's great!!!!

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3 years ago

Another Winner! QUIET!!!

Pros: Easy to Clean, Durable, Versatile, Design, Quality, Weight
Verdict: I have owned several Miele vacuums and they are all great. I previously had an S5 model for about 4 years and loved it until I bought this machine. I didn't get to see it out of the box in the store so I was excited to get it home and break it in.

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3 years ago

BEST EVER.....I'M in LOVE !!!!!

Verdict: Having had a Dyson for a decade or more I now needed a new Hoover. Was going to buy another Dyson but having read the current reviews on them I was not convinced they were as good as my very old model. Received this WONDERFUL Hoover on Monday and hoovered from top to bottom of house on Tuesday.
3 years ago

Goodbye uprights

Pros: Easy to Use, Efficient, Lightweight, Long Power Cord, Powerful/Good Suction
Verdict: My fiancee is from Chile where they don't use uprights. Shopping for a vacuum for our new home was quite the experience. I was finally convinced to buy a canister vacuum and it's incredible. We've been dubbed by "upright" marketing for too many years.
3 years ago
Pros: high quality
Verdict: Very happy that I choose the Miele Complete C3 Brilliant vacuum cleaner, I have had Electrolux, Kirby, and many, many other types of vacuums. This is the first time that I have vac for my floor that I can honestly say it feels clean, and I can breath.
3 years ago

Powerful yet quiet

Verdict: Chose this vacuum based on reviews and they were not wrong, this vacuum is fantastic! Powerful, very quiet and easy to move around the house. Excellent on wooden floors aswell as carpet, extra attachments are good and I like how they are hidden away inside the vacuum.
3 years ago
Verdict: This vacuum is awesome. After fighting with a Dyson for years this is a welcome relief. The features are useful, the components sturdy and seem long lasting. The power head is amazing and I love the 5 different power settings.

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3 years ago
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