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The Home Essentials

Meat Mincers Buying Guide

If a meat mincer is to be part of your old school cooking regime, here's what to look for.

Manual Mincing

To keep it really old school, check out a manual meat mincer. These are usually operated by cranking a handle, with the unit clamped onto a bench. These traditional mincers can last for years, and are ideal for the average family:

Power It Up

If you're going to mince large amounts of meat, or don't have the time to do it manually, an electric mincer is something to look at. Like any motorised appliance, the quality of the motor will directly affect the overall performance of the mincer, so buy as good a brand as you can afford.   

Better Parts, Better Performance

Regardless of whether you buy a manual or electric mincer, the quality of the working parts needs to be high. In the case of a mincer, it's the blades that are a priority. Stainless steel blades are ideal, as they stay sharper for longer, and need to be replaced less often. 

A Solid Base

If you're purchasing a manual meat mincer, it must be strong and stable when you clamp it to the bench. It’s important your mincer stays in place, for reasons of safety and to ensure meat doesn't end up on the floor!   

Is It Easy To Clean?

Look for a mincer that is a breeze to clean, preferably with dishwasher-safe parts. If you have to give your mincer a thorough clean occasionally, make sure it is easy to disassemble, and just as easy to reassemble.

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