Marc Jacobs Bang Bang EDT 30ml Reviews

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Manufacturer: Marc Jacobs
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Marc Jacobs Bang Bang EDT 30ml

Verdict: Introduction I bought my bottle of Bang Bang by Marc Jacobs in a post Christmas-sale on the Debenhams website, it was included in a gift set along with a stick deodorant and hair and body wash and had a 50% reduction off its price so ended up costing me just £22.00.
Pros: Fresh and Woody fragrance, Nice bottle design
Cons: Expensive, Longevity
7 years ago

Four Stars

Verdict: It smells great. Love it on my husband
2 years ago

Five Stars

Verdict: My husband and son both love this fragrance
2 years ago

Marc Jacobs Bang Bang EDT 30ml

Verdict: I really fell in love with Bang when it first came out, with its rich peppery woods and modern masculinity, so I guess I expected this flanker, Bang Bang, to be along the same lines as the original.
7 years ago

Bang Bang Marc Jacobs

Verdict: [...]Expensive, although don't mind paying for nice smell
Pros: Alluring, Draws Compliments, Great Price, Great Smell, Long Lasting, Subtle
Cons: Expensive
8 years ago

Marc Jacobs Bang Bang EDT 30ml

Verdict: Basically i smell a starting blast of aromatic greens and pepper (pepper is the characterizing element as well as normal in the style of the "Bangs"), a notable (almost bombastic) note of patchouli and a structural cloud of synthetic musky amber very soft and decently appealing.
5 years ago
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