Marc Jacobs Bang Bang EDT 30ml Reviews

Marc Jacobs Bang Bang EDT 30ml
$49.99 from Perfume NZ
   6 reviews
Manufacturer: Marc Jacobs
User Reviews: 

Many compliments and a good year round cologne

Verdict: I love the Marc Jacobs Bang series and Bang Bang is no different. Great spice notes just like Bang, but a bit softer and lighter touch makes it ideal for all seasons. Some spice colognes are best in the winter/fall season due to their overpowering natures.

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4 years ago

Christmas present

Verdict: This was what my son said he would like in his stocking this year. It arrived very quickly and my son loved it. I can not add any more to this but know it was appreciated.

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4 years ago
Verdict: Thicker than the original, less cold in character, not cold at all in fact. Reminiscence of the original is felt, however this version is much more developed and upgraded in almost every sense. Thumb up from me, maybe even a part of my collection someday.

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5 years ago
Verdict: I really fell in love with Bang when it first came out, with its rich peppery woods and modern masculinity, so I guess I expected this flanker, Bang Bang, to be along the same lines as the original.

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5 years ago
Pros: Fresh and Woody fragrance, Nice bottle design
Cons: Expensive, Longevity
Verdict: Introduction I bought my bottle of Bang Bang by Marc Jacobs in a post Christmas-sale on the Debenhams website, it was included in a gift set along with a stick deodorant and hair and body wash and had a 50% reduction off its price so ended up costing me just £22.00.
6 years ago

Bang Bang Marc Jacobs

Pros: Alluring, Draws Compliments, Great Price, Great Smell, Long Lasting, Subtle
Cons: Expensive
Verdict: [...]Expensive, although don't mind paying for nice smell
6 years ago
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