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Logitech R500
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Pros: Compact, Easy to set top and use, Use it without looking at it
Cons: USB dongle doesn't fit the latest laptops, Laser pointer hard to see on TV screens and computers
Verdict: The Logitech R500 Laser Presentation Remote is an affordable and effective controller that works seamlessly so you can focus on nailing your presentation. It's hard enough standing up in front of people either presenting as a speaker or trying to win new business so knowing all your gear is going to...

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8 months ago
Verdict: When you think of Logitech, you probably start thinking about their most popular products, mice, keyboards, and speakers. However, over the past few years, Logitech has explored other digital areas emphasizing the development of products for PC navigation, digital music, and home-entertainment...

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8 months ago

Logitech R500 Dual Connectivity Wireless Presenter, Red Laser Pointer, Bluetooth.

Verdict: Works well to advance slides in PowerPoint with the associated USB dongle, and as a basic laser pointer. It's a good size, it fits in the hand well. With just three buttons for advance, back, and laser, it's easy to use.

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7 months ago
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