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Logitech Harmony 350
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Logitech Harmony 350

Pros: Our testers liked how the remote felt in their hands
Cons: It's complicated to set up and requires an internet-connected computer
Verdict: The Logitech Harmony 350 is a great remote for the tech-savvy user, but its setup requires a computer and is generally more complicated than other remotes.
10 months ago

Logitec 359 controller

Pros: Alls great
Cons: None
Verdict: I got rid of 2 controllers! Now I only have one! It works great I now have one in every room in the house. Thanks Crutchfield!

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3 months ago

Slow to program excellent to use

Verdict: Took a while to program on mac. But I think my incredibly poor internet speed didnt help. Easy to use and easy to setup
9 months ago

Customer service is horrible! Mine works well for about a year and ...

Verdict: Stay away from that! Customer service is horrible! Mine works well for about a year and then, broke. Never be able to get a clear response if they can either fix it or replace it. I left the case after near two months of messages from the "fake customer service". Go with GE or another brand!

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10 months ago

Logitech Harmony 350 Universal Remote Control

Verdict: Easy to set up and use. Great replacement for my broken WD TV LIve remote.

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1 year ago
PB Tech

Useful remote

Verdict: This was relatively easy to programme and intuitive to use. It's nice to have one remote rather than multiple on the coffee table.
1 year ago

Logitech Harmony 350 Remote

Pros: Reasonably easy to set up but does require a PC . Not over featured and batteries last a reasonable amount of time
Cons: The device selection buttons could have better differentiation

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1 year ago
The Good Guys

So easy to set up

Verdict: I bought this to replace an old Harmony 300. The set up process is just so simple - just connect it to your computer and download the Harmony software. The database of supported devices is huge and even then the remote can also learn from other remotes.
2 years ago

Not very good unfortunately.

Verdict: The software that comes with remote to set up is a royal hassle to use, will sync after 3 or 4 attempts, and now the buttons barely work, have only had it 6 months, not even sure if I can get my money back, bad product, avoid, cheers.

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2 years ago
JB Hi-Fi

Simple to setup with a few niggles

Verdict: I was able setup the remote quite quickly by simply listing the devices I own into the app.
2 years ago

Remote is not operational either with my Sony CRT TV ...

Verdict: Remote is not operational either with my Sony CRT TV model number - KV-J21MF1 and Airtel DTH
2 years ago

Good remote

Verdict: This is a very good remote from a great company. It was very easy to set up. The only drawback is the writing is so small that in low light it is almost impossible to read if your eyes are a bit older like mine. It does what it says it does.
3 years ago

Took me four days to connect to my computer

Verdict: Does not come with enough instruction on how to use the software and even when I synchronised to all my devices the only device that works is the TV

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3 years ago

Looks great not easy to work

Verdict: The Harmony 350 TV remote is a disappointment. On the positive side it looks great & has a very good technique for programming directly from your computer. On the negative side the keys are very small, at least for large hands & the key locations are poor from a usage point of view.
3 years ago

Didn't work

Pros: Looks nice, programming ok and amazingly, it supported Tvix codes which was nice
Cons: Doesn't really work. Maybe it works 2% of the time but its rare and mostly its swapping batteries, holding buttons, reprogramming, wondering why, and frustration
Verdict: Argh. time for a warranty return.
3 years ago

"Works like a charm!"

Verdict: Very easy to set up and get working but the buttons aren't perfect and occasionally needs to be pushed again to get working, but overall its a very decent remote.

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3 years ago
Mighty Ape
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