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Manufacturer: Lexmark
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Value for money
Product design

Why does a mono printer have colour controls

Verdict: I don't actually own this printer so please ignore the rating. I'm looking to _buy_ a printer and am simply bemused by the "Pantone color correction" option in the description for a black and white printer.
9 years ago

Good value

Verdict: This replaced an outdated HP that cost, when it was new, about 8 times what this did. It's much faster, takes no time to warm up and has double the resolution. It is noisier when it prints, but dead quiet when it's idle. For the time it saves and it's ease of setup, it's a really good value.
Pros: print quality, design, size & weight, Easy Installation/Good Instructions, compatibility, build quality, speed, value for money, easy to use
Cons: noisy
10 years ago


Verdict: Naturally, I'm replacing this printer when printers in general go on sale again. Can't keep dealing with this forever.
Pros: Bought a few of these - two have failed. For pros, it rarely jams and duplexing is quick
Cons: Bad part is that two have died and one just "error lights" constantly (as you have read on other reviews). I have to open and close the front door several times a day for no reason other than to clear the error light and print.
7 years ago

Great value for a great quality printer!

Verdict: I was surprised at how well this printer performed. I bought this printer, because I was tired of going through color toner, when I printer mostly black. I have always used HP printers and this Lexmark is just as good, if not better.
7 years ago

Ordered new, but came used, covered in ink, worn away logo. Not sure what happened

Verdict: The printer came almost entirely covered in ink and had clearly been used before. Also, the Lexmark logo on the front of it was worn almost entirely away. The box it came in seemed fine when it arrived, so it didn't seem to be the delivery problem.
1 year ago
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