Lenovo TAB4 Plus TB-8704X 8in 64GB Reviews

Lenovo TAB4 Plus TB-8704X 8in 64GB
$478.99 from Supero.co.nz
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Lenovo Tab 4 8 Plus

Pros: Great size, Decent display, Perfect for Nexus 7 fans
Cons: Old version of Android, Far from rugged
Verdict: Fans of the iconic Nexus 7 tablet have been calling on Google for years to resurrect the miniature slate. But until we finally see a new version of arguably the single-most ‘fantastic' tablet running Android, we'll have to accept the alternatives. One of the better choices is Lenovo's Tab 4 8 Plus.

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4 months ago
Verdict: While consumers might not really have much use for a tablet in 2018, that doesn't mean that companies aren't producing decent options. The Lenovo Tab 4 8 Plus is an LTE-ready device that handles day-to-day tasks fairly well and travels nicely.
7 months ago
Android Guys

Lenovo Tab 4 8 Plus

Pros: Good speakers, Strong performance, Premium design
Cons: Easily scratched, May not get Android 8.0, Camera isn't great
Verdict: Lenovo has entered the mid-range Android tablet market with a premium device worth paying attention to. It offers excellent value at an affordable price, and should be the first choice for new, non-iPad tablet buyers.

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1 year ago
TechRadar UK

Lenovo Tab 4 8 Plus review: A budget tablet with Dolby Atmos

Pros: Excellent speakers, Beautiful design, Snappy performance
Cons: No 4G connectivity, Mediocre battery life, Finicky fingerprint sensor
Verdict: Lenovo Tab 4 8 Plus: Excellent speakers, a nice design and a fingerprint reader but £200 too much?

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1 year ago

No longer working after a month!!!

Verdict: Very Disappointed!!! It completely stopped working after a month!!! Hopefully the company Lenovo will take it in for repair as the return window for amazon closed for this device after a month and 5 days.

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2 months ago

Modern Feature set, but lacking in performace

Verdict: I've been using the device for about a month, and it has everything that I was looking for in a modern tablet for features, you will be hard pressed to find another device that has USB-C, a sim card slot, and a fingerprint reader.
4 months ago
B&H Photo

Three little niggles stops me giving five stars.

Verdict: This is an excellent replacement for my Hudl2 which is actually one inch larger than the Lenovo. As others had said, the back is VERY slippery; I have had it two days and it has slipped off the arm of my chair, fell over when propped up and worse out of my hands onto the floor!

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4 months ago

Simple and straightforward Android tablet, good value for money

Verdict: I bought this as a replacement for a 6-year-old Nexus tablet that had got very slow running only a handful of apps - the new Tab 4 does everything I want with barely any delay. A big plus is very few pre-installed features, so you can chose exactly what you run.
5 months ago

Supprisingly good.

Verdict: I bought this a few weeks ago and was replacing an old 8 inch tablet (Atom processor, zzzlow). Was worried about entry level RAM and storage, but I only use the tablet for reading news at night and it works surprisingly well, as in fast and agile (8 cores help).
6 months ago

Great Tablet, recommend it!

Verdict: I was shopping around for a replacement of my Hudl2. I use my tablet all the time for social media, internet, games, films....I really get the use out of it. This Lenovo Tab 4 is brilliant. Really responsive, clear screen, easy to use, it's got a finger print sensor that is really useful.
1 year ago
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