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Whether you are new to cooking or an experienced chef, you know that one of the keys to good food is good cookware. The ability to control and evenly heat food makes a world of difference, and this is one of the main reasons that cooks love cast iron. Whether it is a well-seasoned frying pan that has given many years of service or a brand new casserole, when it is made of quality cast iron it can be depended upon for excellent results.

In the world of cast iron cookware there is one name that stands out from the rest, and that is Le Chasseur.

A Brief History

It was in 1924 that Le Chasseur was started in Donchery, France. This is part of the famous Champagne Ardenne region, which is renowned around the globe for its fine wines and food. Though the firm began in a foundry, it did not limit the production process to cast iron alone. The products are also treated with a durable enamel coating that gives them both good looks and a long lifespan.

The Le Chasseur brand does not own its foundries outright. Instead, it is the Invicta S.A. company that owns the foundries and produces the cookware.

The Benefits of Le Chasseur's Enamel Coating

The added protection of enamel over cast iron ensures that any of the cookware produced in Invicta's foundries will:

Distribute heat evenly

Slow cook foods to perfection

Reduce energy consumption

Keep food hotter for longer

Work with all heat sources including wood, gas, coal, or electric burners

Provide years and years of durability

Prevent corrosion

Gloss finish will not scratch surfaces such as stove tops or glass topped cooking surfaces. It also is safe to use on induction surfaces too.

Oven safe (Unless with wooden handles)

The double layer of enamel on the cast iron cookware produced by Le Chasseur is also colorful and appealing, allowing the owner to introduce personal taste and style into their kitchen and dining table.

The Entire Line

Naturally, any firm that has remained so aware of the demands for high quality cookware is not going to ignore the other preferred materials in modern kitchens. This is why the modern Le Chasseur line includes:

Cast Iron Enamel Cookware - Called their "Classique" line, this includes French Ovens in many sizes and colors and grill/skillet pans.

Cast Iron Cookware - Their "La Carronde" line includes modern shapes combined with classic cast iron production techniques.

Stainless Steel - A full array of premium grade stainless steel cookware and accessories in an 18/10 blend of metals.

Oven to Table - Their "La Cuisson" line includes a huge assortment of vessels ranging from mugs and ramekins to bowls and bakers.

Silicone Tools

Porcelain Enameled Kettles - The "Domus" range of premium grade kettles in different sizes and colors.

Most of the larger pieces will come with fitted lids or with special covers available.

The Quality of Le Chasseur

Naturally, the process of making such heavy-duty pieces (particularly the enameled cast iron pieces) means that there is some handwork involved in the production process. This alone is going to guarantee that the quality of any Le Chasseur item is of the highest caliber possible.

However, even with the attention to detail and quality that all of the foundry pieces receive, Le Chasseur is happy to stand behind the products offered.

They guarantee that their products will be free of material or manufacturing defects, and they do so for the lifetime of the product. Should any problems occur with a piece made by the company they will repair or replace it at any time.

To stand behind a product used to the extent that most kitchen cookware is used demonstrates the commitment that Le Chasseur has towards its manufacturing process.

Of course, as part of the broader Invicta brand, Le Chasseur products must also maintain the same level of quality as the barbecues and cast iron stoves also created by the firm. This emphasis on cast iron and foundry processes almost guarantees that any piece made by Invicta is going to be top of the line and capable of living up to the manufacturer's claims and expectations.

When cooking is something you enjoy, cast iron vessels and top quality cookware is a must. The Le Chasseur name is definitely one to depend on.

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