Laundry Tubs Buying Guide

For larger cleaning jobs in the laundry, or for those tasks where hand washing is preferred, you need a laundry tub!

A Good-Looking Laundry Tub

While most laundry tubs are purchased for practical reasons, some are used as a sink for guests to wash their hands when a laundry doubles as a second bathroom. In this case, aesthetics come into play. If this is a consideration for you, you'll be pleased to know many tubs are now sleek and stylish in all regards, including the tapware.

Stick With Stainless Steel

A stainless steel tub is not only durable, but far more leak-proof than other materials. This can help prevent water from dripping into the storage area below the sink.

A Good-Smelling Laundry Tub

A laundry tub should smell as good as it looks! An S Trap will prevent odours coming back from the drain, so double check your laundry tub has this feature.

Buying A Budget Tub

Not every tub has to be a thing of beauty. Basic tubs are available for those on a budget, and to make them even more budget-friendly, there are even kit set versions you can assemble yourself. If this is something you're considering, check if tapware is included.

A Not So Humble Hose

Many laundry tubs are used to drain water from a neighbouring washing machine, so hoses are an important feature. Flexible, high-quality hoses are at less risk of cracking, while the apertures for the hoses should be easily accessible.