Lanvin L'Homme EDT 100ml Reviews

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Manufacturer: Lanvin
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Verdict: This is quite possibly the most gorgeous aftershave out there - my husband has worn it for 20 years now although you could get it in UK shops back then - but so many people have converted over to it... Gorgeous!
2 years ago

change in notes

Verdict: Im feeling very sad yesterday i was arranging my collection yesterday & i have two bottle of this one of them is half & the other one almost full , anyway i try to sniff the full bottle and i was shock . the notes change 100% nothing like original , it become soapy .
6 years ago

A 5 star fragance for men...

Verdict: Lanvin trademark is named after its creator Jeanne Lanvin, born in 1897, who dedicated her life to fashion, decoration and perfumes. Her first perfume line was commercialised in 1924. "Lanvin L'Homme" is available in the market since 1997.
Pros: Relaxing, sensual and uplifting - strange but effective combo
Cons: Women might want you . . . or your perfume . .
15 years ago

"Great smell and lasts a long time!"

Verdict: I've been using this cologne for over a year, and I still have over a quarter of it left. If you use it right, it can last a long time!
1 year ago

Smells GREAT!

Verdict: I love this cologne. I first started using it 10 years ago when I worked at Saks 5th Avenue. Smells fresh and masculine. People always ask me what I'm wearing.
4 years ago

could not ask for better service ,

Verdict: lanvin is the best !!!!!!
Pros: Clean & Fresh, Draws Compliments, Great Smell, Great Value, Long-Lasting, Sexy, Unique
9 years ago

Five Stars

Verdict: very very good
3 years ago

I love L' homme by Lanvin

Verdict: I bought this perfume for my husband It's classy, elegant, very soft and sexy... It's also very unique... 2 Thumbs up !!!!
5 years ago

Lanvin Lanvin L'Homme

Verdict: How this type of lavender-sharp-simplistic-aromic type of scents ever became popular in the 90's I don't know but they did. While better then some of these types of scents this cologne will bore you to tears after a few days. You'll then say "why did I buy this
13 years ago
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