LEGO Sets Buying Guide

Though the LEGO toys have been around for decades, they have slowly evolved into a range of toys for kids of many ages. Although initially created to teach kids about construction and even about physics, today they are available in many different sets and themes. They are created in special sets that use themes from popular films and sports, but they also are found in basic and popular children's fantasies too, such as pirates and animals.

Choose by Age

Because they are made using small parts, it is imperative to choose LEGO sets first by the age of the person who will use them. The most modern "breakdown" of the ages by which you can choose LEGO toys is:

Babies and Toddlers

Anyone to the age of two is considered a toddler, and this is the age for which the DUPLO LEGO sets were created. Featuring large bricks, familiar themes, primary colours, and simple designs, these are perfect for kids just beginning to develop hand and eye coordination.

Kids ages three to five

Also described as younger builders, there are some of the DUPLO LEGO sets available for this group, but also the Basic sets for this age group as well. These sets contain generic groups of blocks and bricks that allow younger builders to begin experimenting with different combinations and structures.

Kids ages six and older

This is the most serious group of LEGO options and is often described as the Master Builder group. These are the kids that will put an emphasis on collecting as well as enjoying the widest options and variations. They will choose collections and sets with themes such as Harry Potter or Star Wars, but might also be able to handle complex construction issues such as the City line or the Ninjago series.

Gender Specific

There are also many LEGO sets that are designed to appeal to specific genders due to their colours and themes as well. The popular Friends series is meant to appeal to girls aged six to twelve and have many of the same features as classic dollhouses, but with a far more contemporary and sophisticated appeal. After all, few girls ever get to actually build the dollhouses brick by brick, but this is what the LEGO toys require.

This does lead to the issue of age appropriateness too. For example, there are some vehicle construction kits that do require a lot of time and patience to function properly. This means that it is a good idea to "start small" and acquire a few smaller sets or projects before investing in the larger and more advanced sets.

Collecting and Playing

There is also the issue of collecting LEGO sets versus playing with them. If a child is going to build a large collection of LEGO toys, it is a good idea to find a resource that has many of the chosen theme sets available - such as Star Wars sets. This will allow a gradual collection to develop, and will even provide the collector with access to things such as special edition or limited edition sets.

For instance, there are Minifigures available, and these are not likely to be among the sets that are constantly on the market.


Because of the wide array of LEGO sets available, it is not possible to say that they are all within a fixed price range. Instead, it is best to say that they can be found from reputable vendors in many ways and usually at reasonable prices. Shopping around is an absolute must where these toys and sets are concerned, and when a vendor with a good selection is found, they also usually have the best pricing for the different kits, sets, and collections.

LEGO is a wildly popular brand name in children's toys, and there are several other names that are associated with it. These often describe the different age groups, but be sure that you are indeed purchasing a true LEGO toy. The quality of the products, the creativity they stimulate, and the learning that occurs as they are used make them some of the most appealing toys around.

Their long history proves that they are a good choice, but you do need to be sure that you are choosing the right age group and the appropriate theme. There are plenty of options available and they would be a good gift or choice for any child. Whether interested in animals and farming or magical movie heroes, LEGO sets are sure to please kids of all ages.