KeyOvation Goldtouch Semi-Vertical Medium Reviews

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★★★★ 3.5
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Manufacturer: KeyOvation
3.5 ★★★★
Based on one review.

Goldtouch Semi-Vertical Wireless Mouse Review

★★★★ 3.5
Verdict: Goldtouch's Semi-Vertical Wireless Mouse puts ergonomics first, with a chassis at a less drastic angle than most of its kind. It pays off for users who don't need lofty peak resolution or pinpoint precision.
Vertical mice are an acquired taste. One of the more common types of ergonomic mice, the tall, vaguely L-shaped design allows you to grip the mouse comfortably and access all of its buttons without twisting your wrist parallel to the desk as you would with a standard mouse. The more handshake-like grip and reduced twisting and extending movements ease pain for users with repetitive strain injuries (RSIs). And these traits may help slow the process of developing RSIs in those who are starting to feel pain and numbness while using a conventional mouse. Goldtouch's $99 Semi-Vertical Wireless Mouse—the company says its 66-degree angle still gives you some gravity assist when clicking, unlike a 90-degree design—goes to great lengths to make using a PC comfortable. There are tradeoffs inherent to that choice, but the mouse showcases why they're worth it, especially for users who need relief.In Comfort We Trust Vertical mice play by a different set of rules than your average six-button c...
  • Comfortable ergonomic shape
  • Detachable hand rest
  • Strong battery life
  • Left-handed model available
  • Vertical mice are hard to use accurately
  • Low max DPI
1 year ago

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