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it has no smell

Verdict: i have been using JOOP since the 80s, i know what it smells like, and this is not JOOP, i dont know if i got a knock off , or if it is old and gone bad, but you cant even smell it , with JOOP 1 spray and it will last all day, i can spray 5 times and it just smellls a little bit , mostly like alcohol...
10 months ago

Sexy fragrance for work or play.

Verdict: Bought two bottles because of price and I owe one bottle I bought from a local shop . I sprayed to times on my wrist . Before I walked out the store I got asked that is a great smelling perfume you are wearing. I was dressed with a cardigan and white tee and jeans .
Pros: Clean & Fresh, Draws Compliments, Great Smell, Great Value, Long-Lasting, Sexy
1 year ago

Great smell but not the best!

Verdict: This is a great smelling aftershave which both lasts the majority of the day as well as being packaged in a classy looking bottle. The only downside of the fragrance is that it is not the most masculine of smells.
2 years ago

"Really happy with this."

Verdict: Long lasting , nice smelling. Can recommend.
4 years ago

Joop Homme Sport EDT 75ml

Verdict: I bought this for my teenage son. He had smelt the fragrance on one of his friends and liked it. Having said this, I would not say it's a fragrance just for the younger generation. My husband and elderly relatives have worn this and liked it. The fragrance itself is beautiful.
11 months ago

Just like i remember

Verdict: Smells great this is a product I used to use in the mid-nineties in high school Jupe is a unique smell one of a kind that I have really enjoyed finding again chronic still smells the same the seller ships on time I'm very happy and my wife loves it too
1 year ago

Distinctive fragrance

Verdict: I bought this a month ago as I had noted that another family member always wore Joop. My partner loves the fragrance. I think it is probably too heavy for everyday use.
1 year ago

Amazing menly fragrance make you posh executive

Verdict: This Fragrance I bought is really adorable, My work colleague used to wear it and he always smell this in even long shift, the Green joop go disappointed me (sweet easiest way to make perfume) but this is the best one would definitely recommend. Thank you Boots & Joop
3 years ago

Joop! Homme for Men EDT Perfume

No reviews
Verdict: If fragrances were a superhero, Joop ! Homme would be a pink version of the Hulk. It is extremely strong and almost sickly. You may need to buy a new nose along with this fragrance because it is so strong and sweet that it may burn your nose off. The color of the fragrance is hot pink.
3 years ago

excellent product

Verdict: highly recommended,excellent service and price,product was excellent and long lasting
5 years ago

Disappointed father the 2.

Verdict: Like Fahrenheit, my father got this gift from his boss this time in the early 90s. Same situation as Fahrenheit once used and back to Azzaro! So I would have free hand :D and I did not like the little boy and he wandered for years in the closet!
8 months ago
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